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TOOL HIRE TOP TEN 2011 continued

workforce numbers. Early 2011 will bring depot openings in Aberdeen and Carlisle. A cause of concern for Hire Station’s MD is the escalation of costs - in particular, transport. The company’s new 2011 catalogue will show increased hire rates, but he believes they will not fully match the rising overheads and the increasing cost of new equipment.


Chief Executive (Travis Perkins) Geoff Cooper Group Hire Director Head Office

Richard Dey

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Richard Dey indicates that 2010 has been “a very strong year” for TP Hire, which has achieved record levels of performance across the business. The hirer has continued its investment programme in core equipment and this will rise significantly in 2011. It expects to expand its network (excluding satellite outlets) by 9% over the next 12 months.

Richard says that the business has a strong management team with “a clear focus” and a strategy to gain further penetration into Travis Perkins’ customer base. He emphasises that TP Hire is viewed as an integral part of the overall Group and not as a ‘bolt on’; this means that “there is engagement at all levels which ultimately benefits the customers and stakeholders in the Group.” For TP Hire, the ultimate goal is to make its hire services available to all the Group’s trade customers.

In concluding, Richard Dey expresses his confidence that “2011 will be a positive year for hire within the Travis Perkins Group and I see no reason not to be optimistic about the year ahead.” While growth would not be at the same rate as last year (when revenues increased by over 22%), it is still expected to reach double-digit levels.

A-PLANT TOOL HIRE Chief Executive (A-Plant)

Managing Director

(Plant & Tools Division) Head Office

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Lodge Way House, Harlestone Road, Northampton, NN5 7UG 01604 752424 Small plant and tools National

Division of Travis Perkins plc


In December Ashtead issued its half year results to 31 October 2010; overall Group revenue was up by 5% over the period, with growth accelerating by 9% in the second quarter and operating profits increasing by 25% in the first half and 32% in the second quarter. In the UK, however, second half rental revenues at A-Plant declined by 2% to £77m, while total revenue fell 1.9% to £82.4m, but total revenue in the second quarter rose by 3% to £42.7m. Operating profits over the half year were up 39% at £3.9m.

GAP GROUP LTD Joint Managing Directors

Head Office

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Douglas Anderson says that his company had experienced a very gradual month-by-month improvement in 2010 until December when trade was greatly affected by the severe weather conditions and even the hire of heating equipment was adversely affected by the problems of gas deliveries. During the first eleven months of the year, GAP had exceeded its budget month by month.

Over recent months GAP has seen a slight improvement in hire rates of the order of between 1% and 2%. Douglas calculates that they had been subjected to falls of between 10% and 15% from the second half of 2008 through 2009. He stresses that this is unsustainable as it makes plant purchases uneconomic. “As plant ages, quality of product and service will deteriorate and customers will suffer. They have to realise that rate rises are essential if hirers are to invest in the quality of kit and service they wish to receive.”

Sat Dhaiwal Paul Fereday

102 Dalton Avenue, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6YE 01925 281000

A wide range of plant and tools, including lifting, surveying, drilling, surface preparation and dust extraction equipment National

Subsidiary of Ashtead Group plc, a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange


Douglas believes that construction companies will come to see that they have to accept increases in hire rates; he believes that they would not wish to contemplate the alternative of investing in and running their own fleets. He points out that several of the major contractors who have retained their own fleets have very full plant yards at present!

Douglas and Iain Anderson

40 Carrick Street, Glasgow, G2 8DA 0141 225 4600

Non-operated plant and tools National

Private company owned by the Anderson family

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