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nis; “Gratitude Marketing” with Angie Krause; “Greening Your of charge, the event delivers techniques to create long-lasting
Business” by Greg Peterson; and Dr. Asatar Bair will discuss change.
“Conscious Economics.” Separately, she is hosting a transformative weekend work-
Attendees will also witness the grand unveiling of the Na- shop entitled NEW FOCUS, NEW YOU! September 11-13
mastera Community. This dynamic business society promises at the Sedona HeartWalk Center. The workshop promises a
to shake things up by bringing companies together to support jump-start on unlocking a person’s inner power so he or she may
each other, the planet, and the community. Together, these heal the mind, body and spirit, and make changes that stick.
businesses will create and enjoy sustainable prosperity. Said Monticciolo, “The time has come for a new approach
to healing, wellness, and living the life of your dreams! You
The Celebrate Your Business event occurs September 18 at can truly transform your life, and be happier, healthier, and
US Airways Center in Phoenix. Tickets are $149 and can be wealthier than you have ever known before.”
purchased at: or by calling 480-
325-3898. See ad on page 37. To join the mass experiment in visualization, send an email to For complete information
on the NEW FOCUS, NEW YOU workshop and to register,
More Omega-3 Health Benefits
visit See ad on page 11.
recent study by
researchers at the
Laboratory for Nutri- New Ways to Treat Body, Mind
tion and Vision Re-
& Spirit
search, Jean Mayer
USDA Human Nutri-
ost people desire better health, more energy and in-
creased vitality, but don’t know how to make those
tion Research Cen-
ter on Aging at Tufts
To address this need, Arizona State University’s School of
University, shows that
Social Work is offering an interdisciplinary graduate certificate
Omega-3 fatty acids
program that provides insight into ways to improve quality of
found in fatty fish such as tuna and salmon may protect against
life by treating “the whole person - body, mind and spirit,”
progression of age-related macular degeneration.
says Dr. Maria Napoli, associate professor in the School of
Other studies over the years have illustrated that diets high
Social Work.
in Omega-3s can safely assist to reduce pain and illnesses
The Graduate Certificate in Assessment of Integrative
associated with heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, asthma,
Health Modalities offers extensive knowledge of health prac-
rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, depression, psoriasis, and
tices such as mindfulness, which helps in embracing change
and reducing stress. The Quality of Life course introduces
Supplements are an easy way to add the healing proper-
environmental health, nutrition, engagement, personal bal-
ties of Omega-3s to one’s diet. Moxxor, for example, provides
ance and ways to live more mindfully.
a variety of supplements derived from perna canaliculus, the
Ancient Healing, another course offering, assures students
New Zealand greenlip mussel, source of the world’s most
the opportunity to integrate the historical development and
powerful and effective all-natural Omega-3s. For information
research of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and
on Omega-3 products along with various research studies
Ayurvedic, European and Indigenous Medicine and their use
and articles published in professional medical journals, visit
in today’s health care systems.
For information, visit
Source: See
Moxxor ad on page 35.
Mass Experiment in Visualization
mass experiment in visualiza-
tion and freedom from self-
destructive habits is being conducted
by Michele Monticciolo NC MH,
a wellness coach and motivational
speaker. The experiment provides a
support system to help keep people on
track for 30 days until they can begin to
see the changes that their visualizations start to bring. Free
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