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trends and science and consciousness while working on the
Nourish Your Skin and Soul
world stage with other renowned transformational leaders.
Closing the conference will be Bill O’Hanlon, who’s au-
hanti Savarese of Skin Goddess SpaCare is
providing Natural Awakenings readers with
thored or co-authored 29 books, including Do One Thing
two special offers designed to introduce her
therapeutic services to more people.
With the purchase of a reflexology session,
Call Southwestern College, 505-471-5756 or toll-free 1-877-
she will provide an anti-aging hand treatment
471-5756 with questions or to register early. Find complete in-
at no cost. With any facial treatment, clients
formation on topics, presenters, CECs and more at
will have their choice of an eyebrow waxing/shaping or an
anti-aging hand treatment at no cost. Please mention Natural
Awakenings when booking your appointment. Offer expires
Making Yoga More Accessible
September 15.
iving more people
access to the heal-
Skin Goddess SpaCare is located inside Desert Sage Herbs
ing powers of yoga, mas-
at 1728 N. Alma School Road, Chandler. 480-212-2431.
sage and acupuncture
Additional information at See facial
is the vision behind the
review on page 32 and ad on page 25.
debut of Yoga Nirvana
Studio in Tempe earlier
this year.
Celebrate Your Business &
Founder Jim Keegan said, “We live in times I’ve never
experienced. I see the panic on people’s faces, and I know
Become a Leader of Change
money is tight. In most cases, these are the same people who
can benefit most from yoga.”
amastera, Inc. invites Val-
ley businesses to join them
Visitors to the studio located at 1801 S. Jentilly Lane enjoy
on the Phoenix Suns court for a
a walk-in price of just $12 per session. An enticing package
unique conference event. Cel-
offers 10 yoga sessions, a free 30-minute massage and half
ebrate Your Business promises to
off acupuncture treatment all for only $100.
give employees, executives, and
Keegan has pulled together a variety of highly trained and
entrepreneurs the inspiration and
experienced professionals on staff who can deliver a wide
support they need to succeed in to-
range of yoga classes including power, Astanga, heated and
day’s economy and become tomorrow’s leaders of change.
dance flow at all levels.
Star Simmons, CVO and founder of Namastera, has faced
and overcome many of the same struggles currently plaguing
For class descriptions, schedule, hours of operation and more,
Phoenix-area businesses. Now, she’s ready to share her inspir-
visit or call 480-292-9715.
ing story and her secrets to building a successful business in
today’s market.
Other featured presentations include: “Organizational
Consciousness” by “The Corporate Whisperer” Darylle Den-
6 Phoenix
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