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tea Helps
keep teeth
ith refined sugars and citric acids
found in sodas and some fruit
cALMs chiLdren
juices permanently eating away our
teeth’s protective enamel, an alternative
Before surGery
drink is needed. Brewed tea, according
university of california an-
to a recent report in the peer-reviewed
esthesiologists have found
journal of the Academy of General Den-
that applying an acupres-
tistry, can help protect teeth.
sure treatment to children
Apart from taste, tea has many
undergoing anesthesia
health benefits, such as helping to de-
crease the risk of cancer, cardiovascular
tends to lower their anxiety
disease and diabetes. The authors of the
levels and reduce the stress
study recommend green tea over black
of surgery for the young
due to its higher content of antioxidants.
patients and their families.
Tea may be served hot or cold, as long
as it’s home-brewed, simple and pure.
Source: University of
The researchers recommend that we avoid adding milk, lemon or sugar,
California – Irvine, 2008
because these additives decrease the tea’s benefits. They further suggest that
people stay away from prepackaged iced teas, because they usually contain
citric acid and high amounts of sugar.
“For in the final
the Beet goes on
analysis, our most
here may be more to blood-red beets than meets the eye. A recent study
basic common
from St. Bartholemew’s Hospital (Barts) and The London School of Medicine
link, is that we
found that consuming two cups of beet juice a day can significantly improve
all inhabit
cardiovascular health. The study monitored the blood pressure of 14 partici-
pants who drank two cups of either pure beet juice or water.
this small planet,
Professor Amrita Ahluwalia and her team reported 10
we all breathe
millimeters of mercury (mmHg, the standard unit used to
the same air, we
measure blood pressure) reductions in systolic blood
all cherish our
pressure levels two and a half hours after consump-
tion and 8 mmHg drops in diastolic pressure levels
children’s futures,
three hours after consumption. Researchers believe
and we are
that the beneficial agent countering hypertension
all mortal”.
is the dietary nitrate found in beetroot, which is
converted to nitric oxide, a compound that opens
- John F. Kennedy
blood vessels in the body.
Beet juice is available at most health food
stores, but it is also easy to make. At the market, se-
lect beets that are small and firm, with deep maroon
or burgundy coloring and unblemished skins. Remove
the tops, boil the roots, cool, peel and juice, adding a
little water or vegetable or fruit juice to dilute. Flavor
by serving over ice, with a twist of mint or lime.
Source: Queen Mary, University of London, 2008
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