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Through the veil
by rochelle sparrow, psychic trance channel, msw
ecause of unresolved childhood issues, people
often have a need to control their environment. Dear Rochelle:
The truth is the only thing we have control over is I’m hoping all is well with you. I am in a bind at the
our inner life. moment within my being. I’m trying to figure out why.
We can look at our internal energy, see what is in I don’t know if I’m picking up on people as to who they
conflict and move to resolve the conflict. If you are feel- really are and knowing it as truth, or am I just assum-
ing anxiety and pain over childhood issues, if you see ing the way they are. Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of
patterns being replayed over and over again in difficult people in negative states. They come to me for advice
relationships or problems with your job, there is some- and somebody to talk to. I guess my lesson here is to
thing within you that is asking for your attention. The not take it as my own energy, and I am working on this.
“something” is being mirrored to you in your life so that The other part of me is, I think I’m realizing, who is
you can see what lies in your inner world. really here for me or is someone not there for me. In a
You can begin to resolve inner conflicts by notic- way, it bothers me knowing that these people who are
ing the emotions inside of you. Where does your anger supposed to be my friends are not. Or is it just the way
really stem from? they are? Anyway, I am looking for a validation or do I
need a correction in my perception. Thank you, Karen
Dear Rochelle:
I am angry about my father. My father was an alcoholic Dear Karen:
and not there for me emotionally. He was angry, and Thank you, Karen. I appreciate your journey. Let’s see
it was a poor childhood. He was a good provider, but what they say.
other than that…nothing else. Is that why I’m having “You are correct to know that your being is mov-
problems with my husband and kind of replacing that ing in the correct way. However, your being becomes
because my dad has not been there? I think I play the concerned about trusting individuals. Your mother and
role of my mom and get mad at my husband a lot. In father are not trustworthy. This is not your being’s fault
many ways, I see myself like my mother and exactly in any way. They misjudge themselves and do not know
what she went through with my dad. Please give some how to care for themselves in a respectful manner. Now,
answers as this is bugging me a lot and is so difficult for stay focused on your energy and also consider those in-
me. Thank you, Deborah dividuals who do not know how to care for themselves
are having issues of mistrust toward themselves as well.
Dear Deborah: Do not be concerned here about their unresolved is-
Thank you for writing. Let’s see what they say. sues, which block them from their true selves. Focus on
“Your father was abusive by not being present yourself and how you feel inwardly about you. Are you
(neglect is the energy), and you are having difficulty vali- caring for yourself? In that way, all becomes settled.
dating your need to know him (he felt bad or unworthy
to be known). As an emotional response to wanting to Blessings, Rochelle
know your father, you are feeling angry.
Your being was left handling your emotions (no
one was there for you) throughout childhood. What is
reoccurring in your relationship with your husband is
the same sense of longing for intimacy. You are correct
in not taking in (husband’s) energy of depression. We
suggest continually letting your husband know you want
Please send questions or contact me for a session at:
connection (not neglect) within the relationship. Find
Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel
ways to have more fun. Also Deborah, put forth greater
efforts in marketing your business. That aspect of your
PO Box 7573
being’s healing and healing practice needs develop-
Phoenix, AZ 85011-7573
Blessings, Rochelle
18 Phoenix
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