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kill the Heat,
selected amount of light. The screen
fabric is durable, PVC-coated fiber-
glass, and usually comes in “80%”
keep the light
and “90%” styles, with higher num-
bers blocking more sunlight. The APS
website notes that “stopping the heat
by david wells
before it penetrates windows is up
to seven times more effective than
ow many times have you opened the door to a
using interior blinds or curtains.” Sun
screens are also known for being very
Phoenician home in the middle of the day, only
to be ensconced in darkness? In an effort to keep
Good quality sun screens keep
your window glass from getting too
our homes cool, we keep them dark. We do anything to hot, reduce glare and add privacy to
block the sun, and the heat it produces. If we leave the
your home. Although they obscure the
view to a minor degree, solar screens
blinds open, we have to crank down the AC, and that’s
slash heat gain up to 53% through
East- and West-facing windows, and
getting pretty pricey.
45% on South-facing ones. Some up-
scale models can be retracted anytime
the sun is not shining on them, and
You can keep your These are the most effective devices
most styles can be easily removed to
cool and your view
to reduce heat gain through windows,
allow maximum sunlight to pour in
Not surprisingly, almost 50% of
because they trap the heat several feet
during Winter months, when heat is a
the heat gain in your home comes
from your walls. For example, accord-
good thing.
through your windows. There are
ing to the California Energy Commis-
four basic things you can install to
sion, “A properly installed awning can
interior window tinting
keep your home cool and still enjoy
reduce heat gain in your home up to
This is a plastic film permanently in-
the beauty of the outdoors through
77% on eastern and western win-
stalled on the inside of your windows
your windows: exterior shade, solar
dows.” Deciduous trees and slatted
which blocks a portion of the sun from
screens, window tinting and interior
patio covers can also have a dramatic
coming through your window, but
window coverings.
effect in reducing window heat gain.
lets in some of the light. Modern glass

tinting products can cut heat gain by
exterior shade
solar screens
up to 45%. They can reduce harmful
This includes shade trees, awnings,
These are fixed or roll-down screens
ultraviolet (UV) rays up to 99% (which
louvers and patio covers – anything
installed on the outside of your win-
protects your furnishings from prema-
that prevents direct sunshine and its
dows. Solar screens block a major
ture fading) and can reduce glare up
heat from reaching your windows,
portion of the sun and its heat from
to 70%.
but still lets light into your home.
reaching the glass, but still let in a
When comparing window films
38 Phoenix
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