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Smokeless Home
Adults’ Example Influences
Youth Tobacco Use
Research conducted by Umeå Uni-
versity, in Sweden, has determined
that its country’s teenagers are more
positive today towards their parents’
attempts to discourage them from
smoking than in the past. The finding
holds true whether or not the young
people smoked.
Sexting Survey
The research, which included
National Campaign Alerts
15 years of public health data and
Parents to Harmful Trend
13,500 adolescents, concluded that
A survey by the National Campaign
the most effective actions parents
to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has
can take are not smoking themselves
found that one in five teens and
and not allowing their children to
one in three young adults aged 20
smoke at home. Unsurprisingly,
to 26 have sent nude or semi-nude
younger children responded more
pictures of themselves via phone
positively to these approaches than
or posted them online. The practice
older children. Other influences dis-
is known as “sexting.” Campaign
suading young people from smoking
spokesman Bill Albert says he
likely include changes in national
believes those numbers are low
legislation and the decreasing social
because they were self-reported. A
acceptability of smoking.
separate survey by,
an Internet educational nonprofit,
reported that 44 percent of teen
boys said they have seen at least
one naked picture of a female
Bedtime Stories
Fairy Tales Replaced with
“A lot of the kids feel anony-
Gentler Narratives
mous online, so they feel more
Controversy is cooking as some par-
comfortable doing inappropriate
ents find classic fairy tales too dark for
things because they think they
storytelling to little ones. The Telegraph
won’t be linked back to them,”
reports that a poll of 3,000 British
observes one 11th-grader who has
parents showed that a quarter of the
advocated cyber-safety since the
mothers reject some of the classic tales
eighth grade.
today, even if they grew up reading
The campaign’s survey also
them. Cited concerns in the UK about
found that the majority—66
their being un-PC are joined by ques-
percent of girls and 60 percent of
tions in the United States about their
boys—say they thought of sexting
perpetuation of gender and
as “fun” or “flirtatious.” Yet, 70
beauty myths.
percent recognized it could have
More recent favorite
serious, long-term consequences
bedtime stories on the Tele-
for their careers or social standing.
graph’s list are: The Very
Albert notes that despite a rising
Hungry Caterpillar, Mr.
number of pornography court cases
Men, The Gruffalo, Win-
stemming from the phenomenon,
nie the Pooh, Aliens Love
“Legal consequences were low on
Underpants, Thomas and
their list of concerns.”
Friends from The Railway
Series, The Wind in
Source: The Christian Science
the Willows, Charlie
and Lola, and What a
Noisy Pinky Ponk!
10 Phoenix
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