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Treating the Ailment,
puncture meridians. Through the use
of EDS we can assess weaknesses
Not the Symptoms
in the body and also which specific
medication or supplement is needed
for treatment without any guesswork.
Healing Pathways Medical Clinic
EDS is based upon the classical
and some modern meridians such as
the large intestine, heart, liver and so
Seeing Valley children and parents enjoy fullness of health is the
on. So if there’s a digestive issue, we
vision for the Healing Pathways Medical Clinic can look at acupuncture meridians to
in Tempe. The facility is dedicated to finding
determine the problem and specific
the cause of medical and developmental
It’s still fascinating to me. We’ve
issues and treating the cause to avoid long-
had great success in seeing people’s
problems being alleviated.
term health problems. This month we sat
down with clinic founder Andrew Dickens,
Describe neurodevelopment for us,
NMD and practitioner Craig Stellpflug, NDC to
and the treatment options you offer.
discuss the medical center and their views on health care. Craig: ADD,
ADHD, autism,
Describe what you do at Healing Craig:
Parkinson’s disease,
The facility also provides devel-
Pathways Medical Clinic.
Alzheimer’s disease
opmental assessments to treat disor-
and dementia are
ders such as ADD, ADHD, autism,
all classified as
We Down syndrome, Tourette syndrome
embrace ho- and traumatic brain injuries.
disorders, accord-
listic medi-
ing to Stanford
cine typified
What differentiates your medical
University. Neu-
by the term
clinic from others?
rodevelopment is, simply put, how the
brain develops, what goes wrong with
which in-
Andrew: My focus is electodermal
it, and what we can do to fix it.
cludes all alternative forms of medi-
screening (EDS), which started in
cine under one umbrella with the best
Every child is born a potential
Germany in the 1950s. It combines
conventional medicine, whether it is
genius, and there are no child failures
Eastern acupuncture with Western
pharmaceutical drugs or various other
in America. We fail to provide the
electronic measurement of the acu-
opportunity for that child to develop
their true potential. I am not saying
this to put the parent – or anyone –
down, but to remove excuses and
empower people to seek out and learn
about alternative solutions.
We overcome neurodevelopment
issues by assessing developmental lev-
els, brain organization and processing
ability of the brain and then design a
therapy program to stimulate the brain
and body to a higher, functional level.
What is Bio Cranial Therapy?
Craig: The skull is a cleverly designed
hydraulic pump, and several times a
minute it pumps cerebral spinal fluid
through the brain and to the sacrum,
14 Phoenix
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