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diet modification, immuno-modifica- Wyethia. Be sure to consult a doctor in your child’s quality of life. Work-
tion and desensitizing drops. knowledgeable in homeopathy before ing together with your doctor to find
Homeopathy is highly successful you begin any treatments. the right treatments for your child and
and practical in the treatment of aller- Desensitization is another option. yourself can help ease the stress and
gies for several reasons: It involves an antigen serum (an ex- worry in your own life. Don’t be afraid
• It is very effective and results may
tract of dusts, molds and pollens) be- to try various allergy treatment meth-
be rapid, complete, and perma-
ing introduced to the body slowly. The ods to determine which is manageable
amount of this is increased over time and effective for your own family.
nent with the right treatment.
until the body gets acclimated and
• It is safe. Toddlers to seniors can
ignores the allergy-causing agents. The special offer: Receive $100
take them and not worry about
body learns to tolerate these chemi- off Dr. Stallone’s already
dangerous side effects. Homeo-
cals, and eventually the allergies will discounted children’s allergy
pathic medications can be taken
go away. testing of over 200+ foods.
with other prescribed medicines One integrated modality utilizing
without causing danger. oral desensitizing drops is Allergyeasy.
Paul Stallone,
• It is all natural. Medicines are pro-
This is a new process that allows your
NMD founded the
duced by all-natural ingredients.
child to take the serum home and use
Arizona Integra-
• It works with your body, not
as drops under the tongue. This means
tive Medical
against it.
no more painful injections for your
Center, located at
• They are non-addictive.
child. Allergyeasy is great to take on
8144 East Cactus
family vacations, and it works for al-
• It is holistic, which means it treats
Road, Suite 820,
lergies all over the world. This method
everything at once. Often times
in Scottsdale. Dr.
has been found to be extremely effec-
Stallone combines
symptoms treated holistically
tive for allergy and asthma sufferers.
natural, alternative and conventional
don't return.
Allergyeasy is safe for toddlers and up.
treatments to best fit and benefit each
The homeopathic treatments for al-
individual patient’s needs. For more
lergies include Allium cepa, Euphra-
information visit
sia, Arsenicum album, Nux vomica,
Allergy treatment leads to relief in
or call 480-214-3922. See ad on page 11.
Pulsatilla, Hisaminium, Kali bic,
the form of an overall improvement
Natrum mur, Sabadilla, Solidago, and
Pr i n t e d o n re c y c l e d Pa P e r t o Pr o t e c t t h e en v i r o n m e n t
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