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Group Acupuncture Chakra Opening Series:
The Base Chakra – 2-3:30pm. Acupuncturist
Alternative Health Movie Matinee – 10am,
Shannon Matwick begins a 7-month series using
Vinyasa Beats – 5-6:30pm. Enjoy this incredible
12pm, 2pm, 4pm. In our movie matinee series
acupuncture points to unblock and harmonize your
blend of vinyasa flow yoga and live drumming at
we search for natural alternatives to better health.
chakras in a group setting. August will be the base
this energizing experience of mind, body, breath,
Call for movie title. Free. Ceragem Glendale,
chakra month. Please wear loose-fitting clothing
movement and rhythm class. Class includes a
4925 W Bell Rd, Glendale. 602-993-0461.
where the knees and lower belly can be easily
drumming circle. $16 (by 8/23) then $20. Zenergy
accessed. $45 advance/$50 day of event. East
Yoga, 16447 N 91st St, Ste 105, Scottsdale. 480-
West Exchange, 2051 W Warner Rd, Chandler.
480-855-6010 or
Thai-d Together™ Yoga for Partners – 6:30-
Laughter Yoga – 3-3:45pm. Laughter yoga is a
8:30pm. Whether you want a relaxing, restorative
Water Demonstration –10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm.
physical practice combining gentle yoga breath-
night out with your significant other or close friend
Test the pH of your bottled water at our Kangen
ing and stretching with tension-releasing laughter
while you learn basic Thai Yoga Bodywork tech-
water demonstration. We will test several bever-
exercises to increase oxygenation, strengthen the
niques or you prefer a more active event exploring
ages for comparison. Free. Ceragem Glendale,
immune system and boost “happy” chemistry.
partner yoga poses that range in difficulty from
4925 W Bell Rd, Glendale. 602-993-0461. Cera-
Free. Zenergy Yoga, 16447 N 91st St, Ste 105,
novice to advanced, these events are fun, build
Scottsdale. 480-628-1453.
trust, release the ego, and reconnect the mind &
body, getting the endorphins moving. $35 per
couple advance, $45 per couple day of event. East
West Exchange, 2051 W Warner Rd, Chandler.
480-855-6010 or
Conscious Dance – 7-9pm. A safe environment to
Discover the Link Between Spirituality &
really express yourself and to transform through
Money – 2:30-4:30pm. Phoenix IONS presents
the music, to ride the wave into awareness and al-
Rev. Karen Russo, author of “The Money Keys”,
low your intuitive self to move you through mental
who will offer her unique perspective to overcome
blocks and into greater awareness. Conscious
subtle obstacles to help you thrive even in these
Living Green: Panel and Booksigning – 6:30pm.
Dance is but one of many names for Ecstatic
challenging financial times. An ordained Religious
There are so many questions these days about what
Dancing – dancing with intent, a prayer, and for
Science minister and successful corporate sales-
it really means to live green. A panel of experts
the bliss of it. All are welcome, no partner needed.
person with an MBA from Columbia University,
discuss the many things that we all can do to live a
Uplifting, inspiring music. DJ PermieDon will
Karen inspires audiences nationwide with her
green lifestyle, with no suffering allowed. Panelists
guide you. $10 adults, $5 teens, no charge ages
insightful and practical tools. Mustang Library,
include Chris Prelitz who will speak about and sign
7-12. East West Exchange, 2051 W Warner Rd,
10101 N 90th St, Scottsdale. Suggested $5 dona-
his book “Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide
Chandler. 480-855-6010 or
for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle.” Changing
Hands Bookstore, 6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe.
In The Flow Marketing: A Networking Group
Basics of Healing: Mind, Body & Spirit –
for Women (Chandler) – 9:45-11:45am. Net-
6:30pm. Alex Hermosillo, founder of Mastery
save the date
working/booths. Speaker Carol Blonder: You
of Energy Healing, discusses his near-death ex-
Can’t Wait for your Phones to Ring. You’ve Got to
perience, how the gift of healing was awakened
Call Them! Learn How to Make Your Cold Call-
within him, and the energies that create illness and
ing Fun and Effective. $15. Chandler Police West
how to release them. More info: MasteryOfEn-
Substation, 251 N Desert Breeze Blvd, Chandler, Changing Hands Bookstore,
NEW FOCUS, NEW YOU! – Sept. 11-13. Week- (Calendar).
6428 S McClintock Dr, Tempe. 480-730-0205.
end workshop to help unlock your inner power
so you can heal the mind, body and soul. Sedona
HeartWalk Center. See
One Command TeleCircle – 11am-12:30pm.
ad on page 11.
Can’t make the Tucson Circles? Join the Global
TeleCircle and learn The One Command. More
information at, calen-
Natural Skin Care Demo – 10am, 12pm, 2pm,
dar. Lots of free downloads. $25. 520-818-0899.
4pm. Try the Oi-Lin and Kandesn skin care line
at our Natural Skin Care Demonstration. Free.
Celebrate Your Business Conference – 8:30am-
ADD/ADHD Saturday Workshop – 11am-2pm.
Ceragem Glendale, 4925 W. Bell Rd, Glendale.
4:30pm. Become a leader of change and help your
Sponsored by Arizona Teacher’s Professional
business succeed in today’s economy. $149. US
Development, this workshop will teach about
Airways Center, Phoenix. Register at CelebrateY-
Autism, Pieces of the Puzzle – 6-8pm. Sponsored
the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. It will cover Contact
by Arizona Teacher’s Professional Development
physiological, psychological and developmental
or by calling 480-325-3898. See ad on page 37.
and the East Valley Asperger’s Meetup, this
factors in ADD/ADHD behavior along with non-
lecture will cover the developmental aberrations
pharmaceutical treatments for ADD/ADHD. The
in the autistic child. It will address what can be
state of health care in America today and what the
done about autism to stimulate the Autistic/PDD/
medical/pharmaceutical treatments are for ADD/
Asperger child to a higher level of function. Free
Fun to be Fit Festival – Sept. 19-20. Combines
ADHD will also be addressed. $30 enrollment fee
to the public. Teachers pay $15 enrollment fee for
family fitness with entertainment to make physical
includes lunch and 3 hr CEU certificate. Buster’s
2 hr CEU certificate. Sunflower Farmer’s Market
activity more enjoyable. Free. Phoenix Conven-
restaurant, 8320 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale. To
Natural Living Department, 4402 N Miller Rd,
tion Center. See ad on
reserve seating, call the Healing Pathways Medical
Scottsdale. To reserve seating, call the Healing
page 16.
Clinic at 480-820-6695.
Pathways Medical Clinic at 480-820-6695.
Inversion & Arm Balance Workshop – 12-2pm.
Introduction to inversions and arm balances, eg.
Handstand, Headstand, Peacock, Crow, and more.
Raw Spirit Festival – Sept. 26-27. Healthy-living
Going upside down is playful and fun. Only 8
raw vegan-eco-peace celebration. $99 2-day pass.
spots available, come join the fun. $20. Surprise.
Prescott (Granite Dells). See ad
on Inside Front Cover.
42 Phoenix
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