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by Jef gazley, m.s., lmft
ore options exist for addressing the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder
and Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and other conditions.
ADD is a condition that is characterized by an imbalance in the
neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that carry
feelings and thoughts in an interactive loop between the body and mind.
The main neurotransmitters are Norepenephrine, Acetylcholine, and Do-
pamine, which are the stimulating brain chemicals that add brightness, energy,
and focus to the brain. GABA is the brain chemical that slows the brain down
and makes it calmer. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps with depres-
sion and promotes sleep. In general food, vitamins, and supplements turn into
hormones which turn into the neurotransmitters.
In the treatment of ADD or any mental health issue, there is a choice be-
tween using supplements as precursors to raise the neurotransmitters or chemi-
cals to alter the amount of these neurotransmitters.
ADD-care™, for example, is an all-natural supplement that has been
shown by brain imaging scans and patient testimonials to dramatically reduce
the symptoms consistent with ADD/ADHD. The scan results and Conner’s tests
for both ADD-care™ and Amphetamine Sulfate (Adderall) are available at www.
Look for inspiring
ADD-care™ has several products available to help address other conditions.
ways for expressing
MOOD-care naturally supports the neurotransmitters which reduce symptoms of
depression. ADD-calm gently reduces anxiety. OBSESS-care greatly limits obses- your divine gifts
sive thoughts and compulsive behavior. ADD-memory is an all-purpose memory
enhancement supplement that combats the natural sluggishness and cloudiness
in the September
that can come with age and the change of life for both men and women. It is
edition of
also a general memory aid for all ages.
These products are available in a liquid form, making them easier for chil-
Natural Awakenings.
dren to use and can easily be mixed in juice. A time-release long-acting version
of original ADD-care™ is also available. The original version and all ADD-care™
products typically last between five-to-six hours, but ADD-care™ SR is active for
for more information
eight-to-nine hours, making it a once-a-day supplement for most people.
about advertising and how
Taken together, these all-natural products help form a complete line of men- you can participate, call
tal health supplements.
For more information visit or call 1-866-998-0560. See ad on page 25.
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