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All-Natural Facial Treatments
skin goddess spacare
by eric sells
f you’re looking for a highly cus- one of three different doshas; each one clay. The finishing layer consisted of
tomized skin care treatment or just requires different products and skin a replenishing sunblock SPF 36 made
a welcome retreat from life’s hectic touches. by Tempe-based Skin Script.
pace, then Shanti Savarese of Skin The vata dosha can been seen During the session, she shared
Goddess SpaCare delivers an amazing in individuals whose skin is dehy- valuable, common sense advice for
healing session. drated or sun damaged. She uses deep better skin care, such as frequently
Shanti approaches her clients’ moisturizing and hydrating along with washing anything that comes into
skin care needs based on their entire a nourishing massage. People like me contact with your face, like a phone,
physical body. This holistic approach with fair, reddish skin and freckles or your hands, a pillowcase, and in my
forms the basis of her many services, those with acne and rosacea have a case, a baseball cap. A must in our
from reflexology to body treatments pitta dosha. Cooling oils and touches desert climate is to constantly wear
to facials. She applies the philosophy are the best treatment. Kapha is the sunblock everytime you go outside
of Ayurveda, or “science of life,” a third dosha which refers to cool and (especially for a pitta dosha like me).
5,000-year-old sister science to yoga moist skin that may be congested with She provided an incredible
amount of data and information on
skin care, no doubt from her extensive
training and years of experience. Her
use of hot towels, calming music, and
facial and shoulder massages helped
create an overall soothing environ-
ment that easily transports you to a
different place. I certainly enjoyed my
her clients’
time with Shanti and would recom-
skin care
mend her and this treatment.
needs based
COST: Facial treatments start at $45
on their
and vary depending upon scope
and time. See website for complete
entire description of available options:
physical body. For a limited
time, Shanti is offering two specials
for Natural Awakenings readers. With
the purchase of a reflexology session,
Shanti will provide an anti-aging hand
which is based on folk medicine and blemishes that tends to hold in water.
treatment at no cost. With any facial
wisdom of East India. Warming, stimulating oils produce the
treatment, clients will have their choice
On a recent visit, Shanti gave me best healing results.
of an eyebrow waxing/shaping or an
a luxury facial treatment consisting Once the initial analysis is com-
anti-aging hand treatment at no cost.
of analysis, steam cleansing, exfolia- plete, she performs an opening ritual
tion, light facial massage & extrac- using a meditative powder of rose and
tions, customized finishing masque and sandalwood to focus on breathing. This
By appointment.
shoulder and hand massage. She uses important step induces the body to
only all-natural and organic ingredients. relax and reset – and so does the skin.
Skin Goddess SpaCare
Before starting, she performs a After the steam cleansing, a
is located inside Desert
detailed analysis to better understand sugar-cane based exfoliant provided a
Sage Herbs at 1728
a person’s underlying health issues, as soothing scrub. The mud masque was
N. Alma School Road,
well as their dosha, or body type. She Shanti’s own creation, a combination
Chandler. 480-212-2431.
explained that most people fall into of aloe vera with a special Pascallite
See ad on page 25.
32 Phoenix
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