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Forever Young
How Success Has No Minimum Age Limit
by geffen liberman
dults experience growth and many well-intentioned
change individually as well as (maybe) people teach that
a collective group. The physi- out of us, with our will-
cally strong once reigned supreme; the ing, albeit unknowing,
intellectuals had their time. We even participation. We really
have a specific part of history dedicat- can have anything we want
ed to the romantics and the artists. and if we can truly teach
Over the past several years, a our young people that they
new wave of collective intelligence can too, as long as they are
has once again pointed us in the right willing to do the spiritual,
direction. We have entered the era emotional, mental, and
of the “mindful master.” That's right, physical work, the world
everywhere you turn there are new will be a better place for
books, programs, seminars, and you all.
name it, on the power of positive
Everyone is born in a
Begin by saying "a better world
thinking, the magic of creative visual-
ization, the reward of pursuing your
world of abundance and
starts with me" and start talking to
the young people in your life about
goals with mental and emotional pas- naturally loving every- visualization, meditation, positive
sion, and numerous other ideas that
thing and everybody.
thinking, goal setting and living as if
point us to the promise of true success they have already accomplished their
and happiness. dreams. They will love you for it, and
But there’s a glaring miss in our anything they want, the better. Read- you will get these important principles
collective passion for personal growth ers of all ages are enjoying amazing strengthened in your own life.
– we seem unable or unwilling to success with The Secret and other
share it with our young people. teachings. Geffen Liberman is a
Self improvement and the imple- Everyone is born in a world of substance abuse coun-
mentation of great abilities like the abundance and naturally loving ev- selor/interventionist
law of attraction and others are ap- erything and everybody. Just like you and a life/success
parently reserved for adults. We don't must be taught to hate, you must be coach in private prac-
teach this material in schools, and the taught to live in scarcity, to abandon tice. You can reach
media surely doesn't promote it. So your dreams, and to think you are Geffen with any ques-
how can our young people access this worthless. We are all born believing tions or comments at 480-388-1495
great potential? It is up to all of us as we can achieve greatness, but sadly or at
individuals, and therefore collectively,
to help communicate this great mes-
sage to our kids and young adults.
Success has no minimum age
limit. Everything you are doing to
grow mentally, spiritually and emo-
tionally can be taught to the children
in your life, whether they are your
children, nieces, nephews, clients,
students, athletes, etc. You just have
to be willing to teach in a way that
makes sense to them. There are great
books to help you such as Jack Can-
field's Success Principles for Teenag-
ers. The sooner a child starts to learn
that they really can have, do, or be
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August 2009 19
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