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meDicAl DocTorS
pAul stAlloNe, Nmd
Arizona Integrative Medical Center, P.C. classified
8144 E. Cactus Road, # 820
mArtHA grout, md, md(H)
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine
To place a Classified Listing: Send $1.00 per
9328 E. Raintree Drive
word, with typed listing by the 12
of month
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
prior to publication. Must be pre-paid.
Dr. Stallone’s main focus is to
listen and understand the
underlying cause of an
Areas of medical specialization are medical
individual’s illness. Often it is a
practice, utilizing modalities of standard allopathic
combination of nutritional,
medicine, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture,
emotional, chemical, structural,
WEARABLE ART – We put the eARTh in ART!
nutritional therapy, allergy testing and therapy,
and lifestyle factors. He uses a vast
IV nutritional therapy, heavy metal detoxification,
array of modalities to effectively treat the acute
neuron-cognitive development therapy, EEG
and chronic diseases that are commonly seen
biofeedback, hypnosis and guided imagery. No
today. See ad page 11.
FREE PREVIEW! – Healing Sexual Abuse,
matter what the diagnosis, we use whatever Counseling & Consulting, See
modality is best for the individual. See ad Outside article on page 30.
Back Cover. orgANic FooD
buSiNeSS oPPorTuNiTieS
our orgANics ADVERTISING SALES – Nothing is more
miNDFul eATiNg
Todd Venable powerful than a belief in what you do. Natural
602-550-0330 Awakenings is looking for advertising salespeople in the Phoenix area. This is a commission-based
miNdful eAtiNg success
Caroline Joy Adams, M.Ed.
Our community buying club
position, with great earning potential for the right
N. Scottsdale, AZ 85255
offers affordable, high quality,
person. Full time or part time. Must be outgoing
100% organic produce, dry
and enjoy working one-on-one with area busi-
goods, body care, pet care,
nesses. Must be patient (and motivated) enough to
apparel + specialty items.
build from month to month. Experience preferred.
Members become part of a
Send resume to (no phone
Yes, you CAN begin to change
growing movement that is fostering: optimal
calls, please).
your habits, gain confidence,
health, family unity + community connectedness. BE GREEN – Shop, save and earn. Visit:
create inner calm, and develop a
Pickup locations around the Valley. and
healthy, mindful approach to
food choices, so that you may
lose weight, feel in control, and
take charge of your eating
patterns. Caroline Joy Adams,
dynamic franchised publishing network that is
M.Ed., author of A Woman of Wisdom: Honoring
helping to transform the way we live and care for
& Celebrating Who You Are, is here to be your
ourselves. As a Natural Awakenings publisher,
very special, supportive guide in this powerful
your magazine will help thousands of readers to
learning process. She offers individual sessions
make positive changes in their lives, while promot-
and group classes, on a sliding scale. Please call
ing local practitioners and providers of natural,
today, and receive a free gift of one of her
Earth-friendly lifestyles. You will be creating a
inspiring, beautiful posters or magnets at your first
healthier community while building your own
financial security working from your home. Cur-
rently for sale: Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; Mobile,
NATuroPAThic DocTorS
AL; Morris County, NJ; New York City, NY; Sara-
sota, FL. Call for details 239-530-1377.
dr. ANdrew dickeNs, Nmd
crAig stellpflug, Ndc
INTO AN INCOME, Work Flexible Hours From
Healing Pathways Medical Clinic
Home, Visit: For info:
2133 E. Warner Road, Suite 102
Tempe, AZ 85284
The Healing Pathways Medical
Clinic specializes in naturopathic
medicine and neuro development,
focusing on allergies, chronic
diseases, weight loss, child
development, brain disorders,
addictions, electro-dermal screening and IV
therapy. See ad on page 25.
Pr i n t e d o n re c y c l e d Pa P e r t o Pr o t e c t t h e en v i r o n m e n t
August 2009 45
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