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Natural Awakenings
of East Michigan
Happy Fifth Anniversary to East Michigan’s
Expanding Healthy, Green Living Community!
he beauty of Natural Awakenings readers is that
you continue to help lead our country toward
more naturally healthy and sustainable lives. You
embody the best of our community. As a locally- Greater Oakland, Macomb,
owned and produced magazine, Natural Awaken- Livingston & St. Clair Edition
ings has been privileged to be here moving forward
Michigan Healthy Living Enterprises, Inc.
with you for the past fi ve years, supporting tens of
P.O. Box 283 Oxford, MI 48371
thousands of area residents in realizing your per-
Phone: 248-628-0125
sonal and professional goals. Together, we have kept
Fax: 866-556-5205
the local natural health and environmental community communicating, cross-pol-
linating and fl ourishing.
Five years ago this month, we published our fi rst local edition. Originally
Tracy & Jerry Neale
serving Oakland County, the magazine soon grew to include Macomb, Livings-
ton and St. Clair counties. Two years ago, we launched a second local edition to

serve the readers in Genesee, Lapeer and Shiawassee counties. We have published
Editorial and Layout Team
Natural Awakenings every month since and now reach nearly 90,000 readers from
Kim Cerne
roughly 1,200 locations.
Maryann Lawrence
Today, we’re still growing, as is the wealth of editorial talent supporting the
Tracy Neale
Natural Awakenings family of locally-owned magazines, now serving 66 commu-
nities nationwide. The beauty of being a Natural Awakenings reader or advertiser is
that you benefi t from a stable base of local articles by local practitioners and other
Sales & Marketing
experts, timely local news briefs, a local Community Resource Guide and calendar
Jerry Neale
listings of area events created just for you. You also have access to national-quality
articles by national and international leaders in wide-ranging fi elds, plus a month-
ly “executive summary” of pertinent health and global news.
National Franchise Sales
John Voell, II
It’s proved a winning combination for 2.5 million readers who appreciate
the unparalleled combination of national and local content. The Natural Awaken-
ings family now includes three other Michigan communities: Washtenaw/Ann
Arbor, West Michigan and, as of this month, Wayne County. They are like-minded
publishers, our friends and partners in healthy living, and bring readers in their
respective communities cutting-edge and locally pertinent information on healthy,
Earth-friendly living. Like us, they focus full-time on catering to the needs of their
© 2009 by Natural Awakenings of East Michi-
It all started 15 years ago when Sharon Bruckman, a native of Owosso, Michi-
gan, Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. and
Michigan Healthy Living Enterprises, Inc. All
gan, had an idea. She dreamed of serving her local holistic community in Naples,
rights reserved. Although some parts of this
Florida, by providing a publication that would bring together local businesses publication may be reproduced and reprinted,
and other resources with residents seeking information and help in awakening to
we require that written permission be obtained
healthier, more balanced lives. Her heartfelt brainstorm has since grown into the
in advance.
leading publication of its kind, helping to shape thought and shift even mainstream
We do not necessarily endorse the views ex-
pressed in the articles and advertisements, nor
are we responsible for the products or services
Enjoy our special Earth Day 2009 Anniversary issue, as always, local in
advertised. The information contained herein is
nature and national in fl avor, well-informed and highly practical. It makes us truly not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
any disease. Always seek the advice of your
We thank every one of our Southeast Michigan readers, advertisers and
medical professional.
distribution locations for making it all possible, by staying connected and loyally
We welcome your ideas, articles and com-
supporting us through the years. We look forward to continuing to support your
dreams through the next fi ve years, and beyond. Subscriptions:
We’ll see you next month. Until then, stay happy and healthy...naturally!
By Mail: $30 (12 issues) Natural Awakenings
P.O. Box 283 Oxford, MI 48271

Natural Awakenings is printed using
recycled newsprint and soy-based ink.
April 2009
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