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Sleeping Green
Organic Mattresses: Is there a
es! According to Mary Jo Dinha, of Mattresses and Beyond
in Royal Oak, MI.
“First,” she says, “to be labeled Organic, the USDA must certify Helping people explore their relationship with food, body image and emotions
as organic the processing and agricultural methods used to
Are you ready to heal your
produce the mattresses. The cotton used must be grown with-
out chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, for
relationship with food?
example. The processing must be free bleach, formaldehyde
We offer:
or dyes. An Organic mattress uses an all-natural latex core, Z Individual Nutrition Counseling
organic cotton ticking and an organic wool fi re-barrier.”
and Yoga Therapy
Dinha says that there are many benefi ts from sleeping on
Z Reconnect with Food®
all-natural, organic bedding. People with sensitivities to certain
Eating disorder intensive programs
Yoga and weekly group support
chemical substances or respiratory problems can usually sleep
on organic mattresses because they don’t release toxic gasses
or dust. Also, wool contains lanolin, a natural substance that
Also available online!
prevents dust mites. The latex is excellent because it is not con-
ducive to the growth of mildew or mold.
317 E. Eleven Mile Road
“The line of organic bedding we carry, she says, “takes Royal Oak, MI 48067
it even further. The entire collection is made using renewable
(Free parking right at our building)
resources, with special consideration given to animal welfare
To schedule an appointment or enroll Beverly Price,
and environmental sustainability. They estimate that for every
in a workshop, call (248) 390-4150 or log onto: RD, MA, RYT
4 pounds of organic wool they use, one acre of land is saved
from pesticides and toxins for at least 4 years.”
“Sleeping green is about your health as much as it is about
the environment,” she adds. “The components used in organic
mattresses help provide for the health and safety of everyone
involved-from the farmer and manufacturer to he consumer.”
For more information on organic mattresses, contact Mary
Jo Dinha at Mattresses and Beyond, 32470 Woodward Ave,
Royal Oak, or call 248-554-9205. See ad page 25. When was the last time someone really heard you?
Does anyone listen to who you truly are, for what
you are struggling to say out loud?
Do others ignore your feelings?
I’m all ears, willing to hear you at your soul level.
I am trained in Active Listening as taught by
GRANDMA’S PENICILLIN Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of the best selling
Japanese scientists
book, Getting the Love You Want.
have found that
chicken soup, long a
popular home remedy
for the common cold,
may have a new role.
WILLIAM WATSON has studied healing and
They found that the
Active Listening since 1967. He is a certifi ed
soup helps, alongside medication and other measures, Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and student of South
American Shamanism. He has taught self expression work-
in fi ghting high blood pressure. Chicken parts, such as
shops since 1993 and is seeking new clients on the journey.
legs, often used in the soup, contain collagen, known
Cost per session: only $35. Call today.
to help decrease blood pressure.
Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2008.
Offi ces in Southfi eld & Redford
April 2009
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