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Gender Bender
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Pollutants Cause Global Feminization
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A report based on 250 scientifi c studies around the world has concluded that male
Optimum, highly effective results
fi sh, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals—including humans—are being
for those in chronic pain or those
feminized by environmental pollution. Common culprits include phthalates used
trying to avoid surgery.
in plastic food wraps, cosmetics and other products;
fl ame retardants; and many pesticides. The new re- Specializing in:
port was released by CHEMTrust, a British organi-
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy
zation that advocates for protection of humans
Swedish Pregancy
and wildlife from harmful chemicals.
Deep Tissue
The report follows a U.S. study that
shows baby boys born to women exposed
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Swedish Massage visit.«
to such chemicals while pregnant have
smaller penises and feminized genitals.
If you’re looking for someone
A British newspaper, The Independent,
different, call Marilyn Reno
also notes that women in communities
The Massage Connection
heavily polluted with such chemicals in
11111 Hall Road Utica
Canada, Russia and Italy have been giving birth
to twice as many girls as boys, perhaps helping to
explain a shift in sex ratios worldwide. At the same
time, studies in more than 20 countries show that
men’s sperm counts have dropped, from 150 million
Got an an article idea?
per milliliter of sperm fl uid to 60 million over the
See our editorial and
past 50 years. styling guidelines:
Growing Answer
Wild Lapeer
Tree Planting Movement Gains Support
An Earth Day Celebration!
The National Climatic Data Center reports that
the average global temperature in 2008 was .88º
Fahrenheit higher than the 20th century aver-
age. Whether global warming is due to planetary
cycles, as 44 percent of U.S. voters responding to
Saturday, April 25th
a Rasmussen Reports survey now say, or to hu-
Downtown Lapeer
man behavior, or both, levels of greenhouse gases
are accelerating. Related environmental issues
are increasingly touching people’s lives in terms
Free Admission
of health, science, business, politics, technology,
fashion and travel.
Neil Woodward,
Against this backdrop and in the face of ongo- Michigan's Troubadour
ing tropical deforestation in Asia, Africa and Latin
Art Work • Canoe Rides
America, a Swedish energy fi rm, Vattenfall, has
examined the large-scale potential for foresting
Farmer's Market
manmade wastelands as part of global climate
Petting Zoo • Archery
stabilization. Researchers estimate that reclaiming half the world’s degraded land,
New-Elite Feet NBX Invitational,
some 2.3 billion acres, has the potential to absorb 21.6 billion tons of CO 5K/10K
year. Foresting even 18 percent would sequester 3.5 billion tons a year.
Local Organic Food Lunch
Meanwhile, another initiative, a United Nations Environment program that has
planted 2 billion trees in 150 countries in less than two years, has set a new goal of
For more information:
7 billion trees by 2009. That’s more than one tree for every person on the planet.
Primary source:
April 2009
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