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oil, slightly more acidic, is useful for
general cooking.
Russell Scott, certifi ed master chef Pain Relief While You Sleep:
and executive chef at Isleworth Country
Club, in Windermere, Florida, and a The MUA Experience
former associate professor at the Culi-
nary Institute of America, lauds olive
oil’s versatility. “There are lots of variet-
hen most people hear the who were out of work due to injury
phrase ‘pain management’, were back to work within 6 months
ies,” he advises, “and it has a great
they think of steroid injections, ad- following the MUA procedure.
fl avor that holds up during cooking.”
dictive narcotic pain medications, According to Dr. Megan Strauch-
Nut oils like walnut and almond
epidural injections, or even more in- man, medical director of the Michi-
are also favorites of Scott. Though many
vasive procedures like spinal stimula- gan MUA Group, “this is great news
have strong fl avors, most have low
tor implants. Unfortunately, none of for patients who are out of work, and
smoke points, so Scott suggests add-
these therapies actually corrects the need to support their families. MUA
ing them at the end of cooking. “Just a
cause of the pain, but rather masks gets people out of pain rapidly, and
drizzle can wake up a dish,” he notes.
the pain by blocking nerve transmis- gets them up and moving again in a
Seed oils burst with distinctive
sion, or by dampening pain receptors very minimal amount of time.”
tastes, too. Pumpkin seed oil, a recent
in the brain. In many cases, people The Michigan MUA Group,
addition to American cuisine, is a
who have tried one of these therapies headed by Dr. Strauchman, is a net-
polyunsaturated powerhouse of antioxi-
have usually tried several of these, work of Michigan physicians who are
dants. Try it as a memorable, last-min-
with little success. all certifi ed to perform
ute seasoning for fi sh or a delectable
Now, a new MUA for chronic pain.
enhancement to steamed vegetables.
procedure, called Their network of physi-
Grapeseed oil, high in heart-healthy
manipulation under cians is located in vari-
vitamin E, has a high smoke point, so
anesthesia (MUA), is ous cities throughout
it’s good for stir-frying and sautéing. Its
available at the Ameri- the Metro Detroit area.
light, nutty and slightly fruity taste is
can Surgical Center Until now, Michigan
the perfect foil for fruit salads or baby
in West Bloomfi eld. residents would have
greens that might be overpowered by
MUA is a decades-old had to travel out-of-
olive oil’s more robust fl avor.
osteopathic procedure where the state for this revolutionary pain
Untoasted sesame seed oil is
patient is given a sedative medica- management procedure. “MUA is an
another culinary multitasker with a high
tion, and while sedated, the patient’s ideal treatment for people with fi bro-
smoke point, although toasted sesame
back and joints are taken through myalgia, disc bulges or herniations,
oil is usually used as a fl avoring agent
a series of stretches to break up the failed back or neck surgery, frozen
only, rather than in cooking. European
scar tissue and fi brous adhesions that shoulder, and for people who’ve
or cold-pressed sesame oil is light in
restrict normal joint movement and tried unsuccessfully to get relief from
color and nutty in fl avor; the Asian va-
thus correct the underlying cause of chiropractic care, physical therapy,
riety is made from toasted seeds, giving
back, neck, and joint pain. Since the steroid injections, or continue to live
it a darker color and more pronounced
patient is under sedation, he/she feels off of addictive pain killers,” says Dr.
no pain whatsoever, and the muscles Strauchman.
A fi nal tip: For the optimum cu-
can be stretched and massaged to People interested in having the
linary adventure, choose oils in glass
their fullest potential without any MUA procedure require a prelimi-
bottles to avoid the risk of the oils inter-
resistance. The entire procedure lasts nary evaluation by a Michigan MUA
acting with chemicals found in plastic
about 20 minutes, and is typically Group physician, like Dr. Strauch-
containers and to ensure the freshness
repeated over a 3-5 day span. The man. This evaluation consists of a
and genuine fl avors of the product.
majority of patients who have MUA physical exam, x-rays, laboratory
report an average 80-85% overall studies, and sometimes neurodi-
Primary sources:
improvement by the end of the MUA agnostic testing, which determines;
protocol. whether not the patient will achieve;
In fact, a recent study in the a good clinical result.;
Journal of Neurological and Ortho- For more information on MUA,,
pedic Surgery showed that 58% of contact Mary or Caroline at the;
patients who receive MUA totally American Surgical Center: 248-538-
eliminate their need for pain medica- 7095 or visit
tion. Even up to 6 months after the For N. Oakland/Genesee County,
MUA, patients’ pain levels are still call Dr. Strauchman: 810-694-3576.
reduced an average of 62%. In a sim- For S. Oakland/Macomb County,
ilar study, nearly 95% of all patients call Dr. Stanczak at 586-774-6301.
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