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Top 10 Green Jobs
by Brita Belli, Kathryn Gutlebar, Julia Hirsch,
Length: 250-700 words— (longer will
Jessica Knoblauch and Shawn Query
need prior approval)
Due by the 5th of the month prior to
our next publication.
Across every industry, new job possibili-
Articles featured in Natural Awakenings
ties are emerging for those with the skills
cover a wide range of subjects in the
to bridge the divide between the old,
areas of health, healing, inner growth,
fi tness and earth friendly living. Please
fossil-fuel-based economy and the new,
include a brief biography at the end of
energy-effi cient one. Many corporations
your article.
are partnering with nonprofi ts and hiring
corporate social responsibility managers.
Length: 50 to 250 words
1) Green Globetrotters: 3) Complementary Care:
Due on the 10th
Travel and Hospitality Health and Medicine
What’s new? Share it with us! Did you
Green travel employees generally work A 2008 survey reports that 38 percent
open a new offi ce, recently become certi- for private companies, government and of U.S. adults and 12 percent of our
fi ed in a new therapy, or do you have a
public institutions and nonprofi ts. The children use some form of alternative
special event coming up? We welcome
Green Hotels Association, for example, care. The most popular holistic tech-
any news items relevant to the subject
states that “A ‘Green Team’ can turn ho- niques are deep breathing exercise,
matter of our publication. Please write
your News briefs in third person.
tel employees into educators, showing meditation, chiropractic or osteopathic
us how we can be more sustainable.” manipulation, massage and yoga. While
both coasts are stocked with natural-
Connect: International Ecotourism care physicians, the need for alternative
Society, 202-347-9203, EcoTourism. practitioners is spreading across the
Length: 50 to 250 words
org; Green Hotels Association, 713- rural states.
Due on the 10th
789-8889,; Lindblad
The Health briefs are short, interesting
Expeditions & National Geographic,
Connect: National Center for Comple-
clips of information often referring to a
mentary and Alternative Medicine,
new health fact or leading-edge research
in a particular fi eld. This is an opportunity
2) Sustainability Stewards:
to share bits of information about your
particular therapy. Please include any
Planning and Land Use
Local governments are increasingly
interested in how they can reduce their
communities’ carbon footprint and are
All editorial submissions should be saved
turning to city planning profession-
left justifi ed, in MS Word or text format. als for direction. A new view of smart
urban planning, which emphasizes
Please submit your editorial to:
sustainable and transit-oriented devel-
opment, is growing, particularly in the
• Email: editor@MichiganHealthyLiving.
Southeast, California and the Pacifi c
Northwest. Stormwater management
Include name, business and
phone number with all submittals.
and wetlands restoration are other areas
coming to the forefront.
We reserve the right to edit all
submissions for content, length & clarity.
Connect: American Planning Asso-
ciation, 202-872-0611,; 4) Power Pushers: Energy and
International City/County Management
Call: 248-628-0125
Association, 202-289-ICMA,
“Solar and wind are already multi-
34 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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