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Chiropractic Care Eases
Severe Depression
case study authored by Alain M.J. After the fi rst visit, his dizziness sub-
Desaulniers credits regular chiro- sided, and he experienced a decrease
Researchers at the Univer-
practic care with helping a 46-year old in lower back and neck pain. After sity of Washington have dis-
man overcome his major depression three visits, he felt less anxious and
covered that a compound
and increase his quality of life. fatigued and reported an increase in
More than 15 million American muscle strength. Over time, his depres-
derived from the sweet
adults are diagnosed with mood disor- sion signifi cantly improved, and he was
wormwood plant (Artemisia
ders every year, which include major eating healthier.
depression, Dysthymia and Bipolar Previous studies have shown a cor-
annua L), an ancient herb
Disorder. The disease is usually treated relation between injury or trauma to the
used in Chinese medicine
with antidepressants, according to the spine and the onset of social disorders,
study, but the quality of life of people in addition to biochemical changes in
and in Asian salad dishes,
who are clinically depressed is subdued the brain. One of the areas that chiro- is more than 1,200 times
by the medications’ many unwanted practic care focuses on in the spinal
more specifi c in killing
side effects. cord is enriched with neuropeptides
The prevalence of the disease has receptors, which are responsible for
certain kinds of cancer cells
Dr. Werner pointing to the case report the so-called brain reward cascade that
than currently available
published this year in the Journal of Ver- triggers a feeling of well-being.
tebral Subluxation Research. The report “An impairment of these receptors
drugs. The fi nding heralds
states the important role chiropractic due to subluxation in the correspond- the possibility of a more ef-
care can play in the management of ing area of the spine can be one of the
fective chemotherapy drug
depressions. underlying causes for depression and
In this particular study, a 46-year for mood or social alterations,” says Dr.
with minimal side effects.
old man suffered from major depression Werner. “However, more studies of this
and was taking an antidepressant with kind are needed. But one thing is clear:
unwanted side effects, such as decrease An adjusted spine is vital to our health,
in his sex drive, dizziness, muscle to our overall state of well being and
weakness and insomnia. A chiropractic thus to our quality of life.”
evaluation revealed that he had suffered For more information, contact Dr.
physical trauma in the past, which led Werner at 4101 John R Rd, Suite 300,
to vertebral subluxations. A sublux- Troy. Tel.: 248-680-7200 or visit NUC-
ation is a condition in which the body See ad page 15.
is unable to function properly because Reference: Effect of Subluxation-Based
of interferences with the nervous Chiropractic Care on Quality of Life
system, and the condition may be cor- in a Patient With Major Depression,
rected with chiropractic adjustments. by Alain M.J. Desaulniers, Journal of
Source: University of Washington,
The patient had a total of 34 adjust- Vertebral Subluxation Research, April
ments done over a period of 11 months. 23, 2008.
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