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by Susan DeSantis the anti-infl ammatory, pain-relieving
phytochemicals contained in the leaves
erbs, whether prepared as extracts, of the white willow tree are syntheti-
infusions, compresses, poultices or cally produced in the common, over-
tinctures, are ancient remedies garner- the-counter remedy, aspirin.
3320 S. Rochester Rd • Rochester Hills
ing new public favor. A recent National “Herbs have long been considered
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Health Interview Survey by University the people’s fi rst choice of medicine,
of Iowa researchers indicates that some and they generally work better in com-
38 million U.S. adults had used natural binations,” says world-renowned herb-
herbs or supplements during the 12- alist and author, Rosemary Gladstar,
month period researched. co-founder of Sage Mountain Herbal
Relied upon for thousands of years Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary,
to restore and maintain health, herbs in Vermont. She explains that, unlike
perform several functions that help the allopathic medicine’s release of drugs
body heal itself. They cleanse, strength- into the human system as “single silver
en and normalize the glands and bodily bullets,” which can create havoc in the
functions; provide nutrition; raise en- body, herbal formulas contain a mixture
ergy levels; and stimulate the immune of herbs, acknowledging that a single
system. High in vitamins and minerals, herb may have an effect that is too
as well as many plant-derived chemical strong or a set of effects is desired that
OOpporpportunittunity is missedy is missed
compounds known as phytochemicals, no one herb can provide.
bby most because it isy most because it is
herbs can be compared with food, be- “This makes sense,” says Gladstar,
cause they nourish the body and help it “since humanity has co-evolved with
ddressed in overallsressed in overalls
thrive. plants. Plants and people are interre-
aand looks like work.nd looks like work.
According to Michael Tierra, a lated, just like our body parts and the
doctor of Oriental medicine, clinical symptoms that we experience.” She
TThomas Edisonhomas Edison
herbalist/acupuncturist, founder of the notes that this means several herbs are
American Herbalist Guild and author usually needed to affect each aspect of
of The Way of Herbs, “Most modern a health challenge, although there are
pharmaceuticals are based on chemi- exceptions where a single herb is used
cal constituents that were at one time for a particular condition.
isolated from the traditionally used “To restore health, herbal therapies
herbs. Today, herbs serve as the basis generally require the consumption of
for at least 25 percent of all pharma- herbs over an extended period of time,”
ceutical drugs.” As just one example, advises Master Herbalist James Oc-
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