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Rethinking Education
Essential Skills for a Fast-Changing Century
In a knowledge economy, the ability to articulate and solve problems, generate
original ideas and work collaboratively across cultural boundaries is essential, and
growing exponentially in importance. The challenge facing schools is to fi nd ways
to shift from traditional rote learning to integrate these skills into core
curricula, all while giving due diligence to the three R’s.
Innovative teachers have long proven the value
of moving beyond the world of academia to
engage students in real world projects
and practical applications of new
technologies. But the United
States should have “a system
built around the idea that every kid
needs to be able to critically think and
problem-solve,” maintains Ken Kay, president of the
Partnership for 21st Century Skills, a national advocacy
group in Tucson, Arizona, which includes businesses, educa-
tional organizations and policymakers.
To do this, Kay says, teacher training, state curricula and testing
all need to align with partnership goals. So far, 10 states have signed
Grid Parity
Solar Could Rival Fossil Fuel in
on: Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Caro-
Five Years
lina, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
“We’re confi dent that we’re not that
For information visit
far away from a tipping point, where
energy from solar will be competitive
with fossil fuels,” says Ray Kurzweil,
who participated in a 2008 National
Academy of Engineers panel reporting
Fix Yourself!
Dr. Stanczak at The Michigan Spine
on the future of solar power. “I person-
Pain Relief Done Your Way Center. Not only did I get relief rel-
ally believe that we’re within fi ve years
of that tipping point.”
ave you ever heard of some-
atively quickly, but for the fi rst time
one shopping for a Cardiolo-
I was beginning to understand the
To do that, the cost of electric-
gist or a Neurosurgeon for the best
true nature of my problems. Not
ity produced by rooftop solar panels
deal on the procedure they need?
only is this treatment amazingly ef-
needs to fall by half, from about 32
cents per kilowatt hour today, including
No, you want only the best, and for
fective, Dr. Stanczak educates you
subsidies, to about 15 cents per kwh
good reason.
to know your body and basically
by 2012, according to a report by FBR
Well, why wouldn’t you search
why it is doing what it is doing.
Capital Markets. When such “grid par-
for the best Doctor with the lat-
With this knowledge you are able
ity” arrives, a sharp surge in residential
est education and technology for
to take all the tools available to you
solar panel use is expected, driven by a
spinal pain issues?
in this program and use them very
desire to lower utility bills.
Dr. Stanczak is clinic director
effectively. I would highly recom-
In 2009, enough solar panels will
of Michigan Spine Center and an
mend this program to anyone that
be sold in the United States to generate
instructor for the Pettibon Institute.
wants sustained pain relief. It has
330 megawatts of power, FBR projects.
He utilizes The Pettibon System for
given me not only pain relief, but
But the country could well see a 20-
long-term relief, and more impor-
the knowledge that I will be able to
fold rise in solar panel sales by 2013,
tantly, correction of spinal prob-
use my entire life to help support
enough to power 3.5 million homes
spine health.” - Gail D. Murray
using two-kilowatt rooftop solar arrays.
“After being treated for neck Shopping for your health can
As one think tank pundit put it, “In fi ve
and back pain my entire adult life, be risky. Do it right the fi rst time
to seven years, the idea of building a
I was at a crossroads. Nothing and call 586-774-6301 for your
home without solar energy on it will be
was helping anymore. Fortunately, free consultation. Dr. Jason Stanc-
as silly as building without plumbing.”
when I was at my lowest point with zak D.C. is an expert in non-surgi-
these pain issues, I was referred to cal spinal correction.
Source: The Christian Science Monitor
20 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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