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Doctors in
NUCCA helps you achieve increased health, total pain
relief, body balance and restored movement.
The NUCCA procedure is gentle and requires no twisting or
he ancient Chinese practice of acu-
popping of the spine. Precise NUCCA adjustments realign
puncture is catching on in the military the spine, remove nerve interference, decrease pain and
as a pain treatment for troops wounded in
allow the body to heal naturally.
combat. While only a handful of medical Dr. Jamie Werner is one of only 7 NUCCA
Precise Chiropractic
centers currently use acupuncture, Walter
Chiropractors in the State of Michigan.
4101 John R Rd Ste 300, Troy
NUCCA is backed by 40+ years of Next to Troy Athens High School
Reed Army Med- clinical experience and research.
ical Center has
considered it a
viable treatment
since the 1980s.
Now, Andrews
Air Force Base, Functional Medicine: A new approach in treatment.
which operates
the military’s When the body’s processes are all working well, there is health and
only acupunc-
vitality. If one of them is malfunctioning, the entire body is affected.
ture clinic, is
boosting inter-
Dr. Waller, founder of the Rochester
est by training
Center for Healthy Living, is delivering
doctors to take
a new approach to health care, filling
acupuncture into
an unmet need in the community. She
the war zones of
Iraq and Afghani-
combines traditional medicine with
science-based complementary medicine,
In a pilot pro-
to create the best of both worlds.
gram started in
March, the mili-
The Center offers services to provide a truly comprehensive
tary is prepar-
and holistic approach to healthcare. Dr. Waller is one of only
20 physicians in the world board-certified in anti-aging and
ing 44 U.S. Air
functional medicine.
Force, Navy and
Army doctors to
We provide you with a road map to optimal health, and treat a
variety of problems such as:
use acupuncture
• High Blood Pressure, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue
as a part of emergency care in combat
• Digestive Disorders, Hormone Balancing, Insomnia
and frontline hospitals. Air Force physi-
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menopause (women), Allergies
cian Col. Richard Niemtzow developed • Autoimmune Disorders, Andropause (men)
the battlefi eld acupuncture method in • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
2001; based on traditional ear acupunc-
• Sexual Dysfunction, High Cholesterol, Fibromyalgia
ture, it uses shorter needles, to fi t under
• Joint Problems, Weight Loss, Osteoporosis
combat helmets.
• Hair Loss, Thyroid Disorders, Depression & Anxiety
Niemtzow says that most of his
• Diabetes, Adrenal Fatigue, Memory Loss & “Foggy” thinking
patients report a decrease in pain within
• Age Management and Bio-Identical HRT
minutes. Acupuncture treatment also
•Nutritional IV Therapy • Chelation Therapy
allows troops to reduce narcotics pre-
• Interactive Metronome • Naturopathic Medicine
scribed for pain, giving physicians a more • Nutritional Counseling
accurate assessment of any underly-
Visit for more information, to take our online
ing brain injury. Plus, according to Col.
Ultraprevention Health Survey, or call us for an appointment.
Arnyce Pock, medical director for the Air
Rochester Center for Healthy Living
Force Medical Corps, acupuncture’s pain
Dr. Catherine A. Waller, MD
relief avoids traditional painkillers’ side
Natural Medicine & Bioidentical Hormones
725 Barclay Circle #215 • Rochester Hills, MI
Telephone 248-844-1414
Source:, 2009
“The Rochester Center for Healthy Living: treating the causes, not
just the symptoms, to help restore you to normal health.”
April 2009
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