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on any given day and you’ll fi nd svelte over and over again,” explains Carson. sin, La Crosse, found that adults ages
men and women doing squats (handy “That’s good for building muscle and 58 to 78 who engaged in functional
for tying shoes) and overhead reaches strength, but it’s not how people move training three times a week showed
(for pulling a plate from the top shelf) in daily life.” greater improvements in upper and
with 2- to 4-pound medicine balls. Instead, the Kinesis machines lower body strength, cardio-respira-
They also perform squats or stand employ pulleys that allow a full range tory endurance, agility and shoulder
on one foot, atop an unstable surface, of motion and force the user to stand fl exibility than those who stuck to lifting
such as a DynaDisc or Airex pad, to while lifting. In this particular class, weights and cardiovascular training.
train their bodies to maintain stability; the women work through a series of No one has to convince Cindy
it’s a good skill to have when traversing exercises that resemble movements Cruz-Mazzei of the benefi ts of func-
an icy parking lot. in a busy parent’s day: a “single-leg tional fi tness. She says she’s seen her
In an adjacent studio, trainer Erin dead lift with a reach,” looks a lot like training translate to real-life, time and
Carson leads women in their 30s to 50s leaning over to pick up a kid’s toy; a again: “We were in the grocery store
through an hour-long class using “lateral lunge with an overhead press,” once when my daughters were little,
functional circuit machines called mimics reaching into an overhead and both of them jumped on the cart
Kinesis. They are honing oft-neglected compartment; and a “lateral lunge with on one side. It was about to tilt over
stabilizing muscles and refi ning their a decline press,” resembles pushing a on them, when I grabbed the cart and
coordination. vacuum cleaner. fl ipped it back,” she relates. “My body
“When you do a bench press or Functional fi tness group classes just instinctively did all the right things
a seated chest press on a conventional have proved a hit among seniors, too, it was supposed to do, and I didn’t hurt
machine, you are training your muscles with YMCAs from Atlanta to Albuquer- myself. It just kicks in.”
like a bodybuilder, making one muscle que joining in. One recent study by
Lisa Marshall is a freelance writer
perform the same range of motion researchers at the University of Wiscon-
in Estes Park, CO. Connect at
Please don’t make the same
my knee that would eventually require a surgery. It seems that
mistakes that I did.
the very thing that was supposed to cure me had sent me to
the operating room!
any people ask me why I have a yoga studio as part The funny thing was is that I wasn’t mad at fi rst. I thought
of my cardiology practice. If you’ve ever seen my of- that was just part of the process. Lots of people in my classes
fi ce you would see that I have devoted a considerable had injuries, many of them were much worse than mine. It
amount of space, expense and time to have it as part of the wasn’t until I was introduced to another style of yoga that I
offi ce rather than referring it out. Patients understand I believe discovered that it didn’t have to be that way. For me it was too
a yoga practice will benefi t them and I can direct the way that late, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. That is why I am
it is taught. Yoga is a process and it is too important to leave very particular about the instructors and the style of instruc-
to the care of just anyone. When you come to Healthy Heart tion that is taught in the Healthy Heart Wellness Center as it
& Vascular you will fi nd a program that is well thought out is very important for the participant to have a meaningful and
and formulated to benefi t everyone regardless of their age or safe experience.
physical status. It will change your life! Our new yoga director is Janice Bahura. Janice’s teaching
My own experience with yoga was not a smooth transition. is infused with a devotion to the study and practice of Anusara
My fi rst encounter was when I wanted to learn how it would Yoga and she has been teaching full time locally for over 10
benefi t cardiac patients. It wasn’t until I suffered a sports injury years.
that would not allow me to participate in any impact sports that Janice’s passion is to make yoga accessible and safe for
I began to take it seriously for myself. I was very stiff to begin everyone. She has studied extensively in yoga therapeutics and
with. After the injury I was stiff AND in pain. I really did not anatomy, and Healthy Heart is proud to offer such a dedicated
know what to do next. Because I had been leading cardiac and compassionate instructor.
support groups that employed some aspects of complementary We have weekly classes: Tuesdays from 7:00-8:15 p.m.;
techniques, I was open to the possibility that yoga might help Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 5:30-
and pursued it in a very blind fashion. 6-30 and 7:00-8:15 p.m. The cost is only $10 per yoga class.
I wanted to learn as much as I could as fast as I could Packages are available.
because I thought, the sooner I became an expert, the sooner Yoga will not only improve your health, it will change
I would heal. So, the more yoga I could fi nd the better. As I your life.
went from class to class I quickly noticed that there was more —Michael Dangovian, D.O., F.A.A.C.
than one type of yoga. Because I was most aligned with the “no For more information about the yoga programs and other
pain, no gain” mentality I gravitated to the more demanding workshops, contact Dr. Dangovian at Healthy Heart & Vas-
classes which were also the most popular. I sweated very hard cular, Sterling Heights. 248-795-3600 or see ads on pages 2
and was very pleased with myself –until I suffered an injury to & 11; or Calendar listing on page 45.
22 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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