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demonstrates how Nutrition Response Testing ef-
fectively addresses this issue. Good Food Company, ongoingevents
Troy. FREE. Info/reg: 248-879-1900.
Note: Ongoing events must be received by the 15th of the month. Online or Email sub-
mission ONLY per guidelines to: Info/details:
Partners Yoga–7-8:45pm. Come in pairs for this Resubmit monthly for inclusion.
workshop; couple, sisters, friends... In this class
we will share energy with our partners to help
rates available. Davisburg Elementary Gym. Info:
explore various asana and the breath in a fun, non-
Casey Reed 248-846-6558.
threatening way. $24/advance per couple. Jewels
Yoga & Fitness, Clarkston. Info: 248-390-9270.
Kundalini Yoga–7-8:30pm. Any level. Focuses
See ad page 54.
Creating A World That Works For All–10am.
the energy of the chakra system and awakens the
Celebration of Spirit: music, laughter, meditation,
dormant energy of the soul. By Donation. Ajan Yoga
inspiration, community. Peace Unity Church,
Center, 48 N. Saginaw (Main St.), Pontiac. Info:
8080A Ortonville Road, Clarkston. Bookstore,
Brian McNitt 248-613-6735.
Cookin’ with Aubs: Tofu-ndamentals –7-9pm.
Offi ces and Holistic Center, 248-625-5192. See
Certified Culinarian Aubrey Wise will present
Mixed Flow Yoga–7:15pm & Thur 9:30am. A
ad page 33.
spring-like recipes,creating delicious and healthy
combination of asana and breathing techniques.
dishes featuring tofu. Learn to make, then sample.
All levels. *Class heated to help detox process. $12
Class size limited to 15; register on line or at the
Mark Your Calendar
walk-in or packages, no expire date. Jewels Yoga
Customer Service Desk. All registered attendees will
& Fitness, Clarkston. Info: 248-390-9270. See ad
receive a FREE TOTE BAG! $5 on line, $10 at the MONDAYS
page 54.
door. Whole Foods Market, Rochester Hills, 2918
Post Plastic Surgery Recovery Facial Massage
Walton Blvd. Info: Mike Hack 248-371-1400.
/ Post- Lypo Suction Massage Training–7pm. Tuesday
Ladies Night Out–6-9pm. Pamper yourself with After Plastic Surgery, scar tissue build up patient
a fun-fi lled night of gifts for all occaisons and free may experience an uncomfortable “tightening”
massages. Bring a few friends for this great event. feeling. Through proper massage techniques you
Hypnotherapy with Frank Garfi eld, C.M.Ht.–By
FREE. Michigan Spine Center, 30325 Gratiot Ave, can help speed up the recovery time and also
appointment, 9:30am-7pm. All aspects of hypno-
Roseville. Info: Jennifer 586-774-6301. See ad decrease of scar. $450. (3 hours) Origin Institute
therapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy
page 20. 48542 Van Dyke, Shelby Twp. Info: Erminia
for Pregnancy and Childbirth. Free Consultation.
586-344-7574. See ad page 36.
Info: 586-751-7500. See ad page 27.
Basic Yoga–9:30am & Thur 7:15pm. Focusing on
traditional Yoga teachings to bring the body and
Green Street Fair–Thru Sun 5/3. A-1 Organic
mind into alignment while opening the heart. All
Lawns, Doug FM radio, green products and ser- Monday
levels. $12 walk-in or packages, no expire. Jewels
vices, events for whole family, music, food, fun.
Yoga & Fitness, Clarkston. Info: 248-390-9270.
Plymouth. Info: Jeff Copeland, A-1 Organic Lawns
248-546-1255. See ad page 27.
Morning Flow Yoga–6:15am. Also Wed & Fri. A
See ad page 54.
combination of asanas, pranayama, and medita- Yoga Off the Mat–4:15-5:15pm. Also Thurs. In
tion. All levels, though not always recommended these diffi cult economic times many have been hit
for beginners. $12 walk-in or packages, no expire. hard fi nancially. Red Lotus Yoga is offering students
Peace Unity Grand Opening & Open House–
Jewels Yoga & Fitness, Clarkston. Info: 248-390- the opportunity to practice yoga and giving at the
10am-2pm & Sun 5/3 noon-4. Speakers, demonstra-
9270. See ad page 54. same time with Donation Only classes. All levels
tions, individual sessions & gifts; an introduction to
a new concept for Realizing, Peace, Wholeness and
Power Hour–8am. Cardio-based workout. Strength-
of experience. 1/2 of proceeds to charity. Red Lotus
Abundance in unity. Peace Unity Church & Holistic
en and tone glutes, thighs, calves, and hips, while
Yoga, 3320 Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills. Info:
Center, 8080A Ortonville Road, Clarkston. Info:
reducing overall body fat. All levels. $12 walk-in or
Brian Granader 248-844-9642. See ad page 55.
248-625-5192. See ad page 33.
packages. Jewels Yoga & Fitness, Clarkston. Info: Hatha Yoga–5:30-6:30pm. Slow fl ow class focusing
248-390-9270. See ad page 54. on the breath and basic postures. By Donation. Ajan
Hypnotherapy with Cheryl Beshada, C.M.Ht.–
Yoga Center, 48 N. Saginaw (Main St.), Pontiac.
Mark Your Calendar By appointment, 9:30am-7pm. Also Wednesday.
Info: Brian McNitt, 248-613-6735.
Personal Empowerment, Releasing Blocks and Lake Orion Gluten Free/Celiac Group– 3rd Tues-
Patterns of Negative Behavior, Higher Self Com- days, 6-7pm. Network with others, share recipes &
Tai Chi Chuan Beginning Class–6:30-8pm in
munication. Free Consultation. Info: 586-751-7500. successes. Learn what to eat and how to heal and
Grand Blanc. Eight week 37 posture Wu style
See ad page 27. support the body with proper nutrition. Registration
of Tai Chi is the Orient’s centuries-old art of
Therapeutic Yoga–9:30am & Tue 7:15pm. A
required. Free. Lucky’s Natural Foods llc, 101 S.
peace and harmony. Change by letting go, not
gently moving, slower paced class. Great for plus-
Broadway, Lake Orion. Info: Tanya Sallade 248-
by force. Taught by Master Instructor Dawn
sized, seniors, pregnant, or anyone needing a more
693-1209. See ad page 52.
Fleetwood. Info/register: 810-235-9864 or www.
therapeutic approach. Supportive props used. All Free Personal Growth Group–6:30-8pm. Personal
levels. $12 walk-in or packages, no expire. Jewels growth group is a safe place to talk about human
Yoga & Fitness, Clarkston. Info: 248-390-9270. challenges, helath, unemployment, relationships,
See ad page 54. etc. from the perspective of the 12 Attitudinal Heal-
Mark Your Calendar
Basic Yoga with Noreen Daly–5:30-7pm, & Wed
ing principles. Lighten fear and pain so only love
10am. Strengthen bodies, calm minds and open
remains. Temple Shir Shalom, W. Bloomfi eld. Info:
hearts. Beginning and intermediate asanas (pos-
Ron 248-788-8916.
The Skin You Are In–5:30-7:30pm. Healthy skin tures). Bring practice mat (a few loaners available), Jivamukti Yoga–6:30-8pm. & Thurs. A hot and
develops from the inside out and the outside in. or towel. $7/session. Peace Unity’s Holistic Center, challenging form of Vinyasa practice infused with
Learn what you can do and the products you can 8080A Ortonville Road, Clarkston. 248-625-5192. music, citing of original scriptures, Sanskrit chanting
use to ensure your skin will look great. Register See ad page 33. and meditation. Familiarity with Ashtanga/Vinyasa
early, space is limited. Instructor: Nancy Boch,
Strengthen and Tone–6-7pm. Also Wed. Head to
recommended. $12 or pass. House of Yoga, 2965 W.
MS, C.H. Ed. $35. The Downing Clinic, 5715
toe toning workout & focus on core strength. All
12 Mile Road, Berkley. Info: Abby Hoot 248-556-
Bella Rose Ste 100, Clarkston. Info: 248-625-
fi tness levels. Bring hand weights, water and mats.
0992. See ad page 54.
6677. See ad page 41.
RSVP 3 days before date. $8/class walk in, class Yoga Classes–7-8:15pm. Truly accessible, heart
48 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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