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The North West 2020 Annual Survey Bury skilled people

One of Bury’s main strengths lies in the skills of its residents, with the Borough being the location of choice for many of Greater Manches- ter’s high-level workers, making it an essential part of the success of the conurbation. More than a fifth of Bury residents in employment are in professional occupations, and a further 10% are managers, di- rectors and senior officials, reflecting the education and skills levels of Bury residents.

Bury town centre is ranked as the third best retail destination in Greater Manchester – behind only Manchester city centre and the Trafford Centre

A Bury attractive destination

Bury is a popular visitor destination offering many and var- ied attractions.

Bury’s town centres are some of its most attractive assets. The opening of the £350 million development on The Rock has doubled Bury town centre’s retail floorspace, added popular leisure activities and substan- tially increased opportunities for town centre living. Bury town centre is ranked as the third best retail destination in Greater Manchester

– sitting below only Manchester city centre and the Trafford Centre. Adding to Bury town centre’s retail offer is one of its key attractions - the multi-award winning Bury Market. The market was voted Britain’s Favourite Market 2019 and is one of the most popular shopping des- tinations in the north of England. Bury has also achieved Purple Flag status for the last five years for the quality of its evening economy.

The Northern Gateway site has the potential to deliver at least 1.2 million square metres of employment floorspace and around 25,000 new jobs

Bury good for business

Bury is a great place to invest. In addition to the high quality environment, its skilled residents and the good supply of high quality and affordable housing, Bury also boasts a good quality supply of sites for new development and a Council that is com- mitted to new growth and development.

There are a number of current and emerging key development opportunities within Bury. Of particular note are:

Bury Town Centre: The town centre has seen significant in- vestment in recent years and is currently the subject of updat- ed masterplanning to guide and inform further development opportunities, including the public transport interchange, Townside, the former Police HQ and the former fire station.

Radcliffe Market Food Hall

However, Bury’s other town centres also have an attractive offer. Ramsbottom is a popular visitor attraction featuring many independ- ent shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and art galleries. Radcliffe is un- dergoing a major regeneration programme which has already seen a £1m invested in a refurbished market hall, a new bus station and new retail development. In addition, Prestwich has established itself as a popular suburb of Manchester with a variety of quality cafes and restaurants and has recently been subject to a £2m major high street improvement that will see this vibrancy grow.

The Borough’s tourism and cultural assets play an important role in the wider local economy both in terms of visitor spend and in creating a vi- brant living environment Bury’s key tourism and cultural assets are the East Lancashire Railway, the West Pennine Moors, Bury’s Market, the Irwell Valley, Transport Museum, the Fusiliers Museum, Sculpture Cen- tre and the recently refurbished Met. These assets are supplemented by a regular programme of events.

The Northern Gateway site has the potential to deliver around 1 million square metres of industrial and logistics floorspace, in- cluding advanced manufacturing, and to generate an estimated 20,000 new jobs.


Radcliffe Town Centre: Currently subject to a renewed pro- gramme of regeneration that is exploring opportunities to revitalise the town centre through the promotion of resi- dential development, public realm enhancement and im- proved connectivity.

Prestwich Town Centre: Work is on-going to develop pro- posals for a residential-led mixed use town centre regenera- tion scheme linked to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Town Centre Challenge.

Ramsbottom Town Centre: A key opportunity to further support Ramsbottom town centre through the potential redevelopment of the former Mondi Paper Mill on the edge of the town centre.

Chamberhall: Located on the edge of the Bury town centre, development is currently under construction on Phase 1 of the site. This first phase will deliver 12,300 square metres of high quality business floorspace. Phase 2 of the scheme currently has outline planning permission and is likely to be delivered in the near future.

Northern Gateway (Heywood/Pilsworth): This nationally-sig- nificant employment-led development opportunity is currently emerging through the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. The site covers an area of around 600 hectares and has the potential to deliver around 1 million square metres of industri- al and logistics floorspace, including advanced manufacturing, and to generate an estimated 20,000 new jobs.


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