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The North West 2020 Annual Survey Stockport’s Mayoral Development Corporation ensures sustainable future for town centre

provide a better choice of houses and apartments across a range of tenures including affordable for existing residents and to attract new residents to live in the Town Centre.

“We want to support existing and new businesses in Town Centre West and the Town Centre to thrive. This will support the success of the Town Centre and attract new investment into the heart of the Borough.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, along with cabinet members and officers from Stockport Council, has launched the region’s first Mayoral Development Corporation – MDC – the first such initiative in the UK to focus on a town centre.

Lord Bob Kerslake, has been appointed as Chair of the MDC in a major move to help boost the ambitious regeneration plans for the town centre.

Through the MDC, development sites can be unlocked to accelerate the speed of transformation and assist in tackling the changes and challenges faced by town centres throughout the UK. In Stockport, this will be by creating new urban communities that will ensure the future sustainability and viability of the town centre.

Andy Burnham is delighted that Stockport has risen to the challenge:

“My commitments to brownfield development and prioritising our town centres as places to live, whilst also protecting our Green Belt, are widely known. So I am delighted that Stockport has risen to this challenge and prepared the Strategic Regeneration Framework setting out a new vision for Town Centre West which will offer an exciting mix of business and employment opportunities and a range of homes across a variety of types and tenures (including affordable).”

Stockport Town Centre is already undergoing a renaissance which will see £1bn invested in the town. Stockport Council has already generated significant regeneration momentum through its direct interventions in the town’s office market (Stockport Exchange) and the leisure market (Redrock). The time is now right to focus on redefining Stockport’s residential offer as part of the next stage of the Town Centre’s transformation which will ensure its long-term success.

The next phase of Stockport’s regeneration is the creation of Town Centre West. Town Centre West will consist of 3,500 new homes and amenities, 1,000,000 square feet of employment space – offices, retail, leisure, health and education, which is expected to create over 5,000 new jobs – in a new community ‘for everyone.’

This Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) is intended to inspire, excite and engage with existing and future residents and businesses as well as with developers and investors. It establishes a vision, master plan and delivery strategy for how Stockport’s Town Centre West could be reshaped over the next 15-20 years as Greater Manchester’s newest, greenest and coolest affordable urban neighbourhood.

Leader of Stockport Council, Councillor Elise Wilson explains:

“Town Centre West provides us with the opportunity to significantly improve housing choice in one of the best connected locations in Greater Manchester.

“We want to support the delivery of homes for young people, older people, couples and young and established families. We want to


“The Strategic Regeneration Framework recognises the importance of integrating Town Centre West with existing communities (residential and business) encouraging enhanced movement by foot and cycle to allow everyone to enjoy the area’s assets. Harnessing one of the best connected locations in Greater Manchester to deliver 3,500 new homes will take pressure off our Green Belt and reduce the reliance on cars within the Town Centre and across the Borough.

“Town Centre West provides us with a way to deliver the homes that we need in a highly sustainable way. We want to use the opportunity to embrace new technology to ensure our homes and town is future proofed.

“The Strategic Regeneration Framework establishes our Vision for Town Centre West for the next 20 years and its delivery has already started. A number of schemes are already under construction and we are working with partners including the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Homes England to bring forward the next phase of development.

“There is a new excitement about the future potential of Stockport Town Centre - locally, regionally and nationally - and this Strategic Regeneration Framework will ensure the new investment that is delivered is sustainable, ensuring quality design, the delivery of social infrastructure and that the benefits are shared by all.”

Town Centre West is particularly exciting due to its unrivalled connectivity and is currently preparing a business case to bring Metrolink to the Town Centre by 2030.

Andy continued:

“In Greater Manchester, we do things differently and we are using the Mayoral Development Corporation in a different way too; uniquely, we are focusing the MDC on a town centre. During the election campaign, the Transport Secretary committed to bringing Metrolink to Stockport and we stand ready to make it happen quickly.

“However, we need the Government to give us the powers that we need in parallel with the funding, so that we can fast-track Metrolink from East Didsbury to Stockport.

“Greater Manchester has already demonstrated its track record of delivering ambitious and major infrastructure projects on time and on budget with the right funding and powers in place. We want to continue this track record here in Stockport and deliver growth, jobs and investment in the town while reducing the reliance on cars and congestion and improving the air quality and the environment.”

The Strategic Regeneration Framework will support Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Homes England and other public sector partners to lead the long-term redevelopment of Town Centre West. It provides a powerful platform for collaboration which will allow us to be innovative, testing out new techniques and using our resources to have the greatest impact. Town Centre West will be a walkable neighbourhood providing a choice of homes and workspace. Town Centre West will be a place to shape the future: something different; closer than you think.


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