European Casino Association state ICE London is pivotal to recovery

European Casino Association Chairman Per Jaldung believes ICE London 2022 (February 1-3, ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London) will be a pivotal event for the land-based casino sector as it addresses the challenges of operating in a post-pandemic environment. Looking ahead to February, which will mark the

15th year of co-operation between ICE and the ECA, Per Jaldung said: “There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on ECA members. European land-based operators have seen revenues fall by over 50% in the last 12-months and this is the deepest trough the European land-based casino industry has ever experienced. “These are the facts, but as an industry we are

super-resilient and we are preparing for when we can welcome guests and return to business safely and with optimism. “ICE London 2022 will be the first major

opportunity that ECA members will have to meet as a

group, to share their experiences as well as explore and debate the detail of recovery strategies. Innovation both in terms of products and services will be central to the recovery and there’s no better showcase for innovation anywhere in the world than ICE.” He added: “The ECA’s relationship with ICE was

formalised in 2008 the year after the ECA was registered in Brussels. Even before then Casino Managers had been meeting at ICE since around 1995 and I like to think that the ECA and its members, employing an estimated pre-pandemic total of 70,000 staff, has made an important contribution to the success of ICE. “The ECA fully supports Clarion’s decision to hold

the next edition of ICE in February and we are confident the industry and our members will once again gather in London. I hope ICE London 2022 will be a celebration of the industry, its resilience and its ability to bounce-back stronger than ever. “In partnership with ICE, Managing Director, Stuart

Hunter I look forward to announcing future collaborative initiatives in the lead-up to and at ICE London as the industry navigates the road map of recovery.”

PST goes all aboard with Virgin Cruises

PST has announced its latest exciting new project, revealing further collaboration with Virgin Cruises on the launch of its second ship, Valiant Lady. The announcement follows on from the

success PST enjoyed providing furniture to Virgin’s inaugural ship, Scarlet Lady and the team is proud to be afforded a second opportunity to partner with Virgin Cruises. Revealing the attention to detail required,

PST’s Kris Bannon explained: “Designing for cruise ships is unique with an entirely new set of parameters and considerations to take into account, PST has to ensure every detail is precise.” Initially providing furniture for just the casino

aboard Scarlet Lady, this time bespoke ranges have been designed for throughout the ship including restaurants, night club and gaming floor. Virgin’s intention is to provide guests with

“spaces that transform to a given mood”, a brief which PST has embraced from concept

6 MAY 2021

through to manufacturing and production. PST and Virgin

Cruises’ partnership is based on design innovation and manufacturing excellence and according to Frank Weber, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations for Virgin Voyages it was a conscious decision to make the Valiant Lady “adult by design”. “We are building a sanctuary at sea for the

18+ traveler, complete with epic experiences for our sailors to enjoy. “PST has a proven track record for success

and their design offers a high-quality onboard experience. This made them a natural fit to provide exceptional seating products for our sailors,” he said.

Gary Platt’s Tesla chair ups the relaxation game at Parx Casino bars

Guests at Parx Casino will sit back and enjoy the fun and entertainment of Jax Bar & 360 Lounge Bar in the patented design and comfort of Gary Platt Manufacturing’s Tesla chair model. Gary Platt’s handcrafted Tesla chairs were

custom designed to express both the Parx Casino brand as well as reflect the one-of-a- kind atmosphere of each bar. Parx Casino players already experience the

unsurpassed comfort of Gary Platt chairs throughout the property. Most recently, Gary Platt installed its chairs in the Parx Poker Room, Xclusive high-limit slot area, and sportsbook floor. As with this new installation in Parx Casino’s bars, each of the previous chairs were custom made to perfection to complement Parx Casino’s brand as Philadelphia’s favorite place to play. “We are proud of our long-standing design

relationship with Parx Casino. The casino brand of upscale yet accessible fun is a joy to work with, and we are always excited when we can blend our attributes of unsurpassed comfort, design, and durability with a design partner’s vision,” said Jenni Muzzi, Gary Platt Inside Sales Manager. Gary Platt’s Tesla has a unique wing-style

back that gently hugs patrons, while parallel lines of stitching on the back accent the contours of the chair, and the stitching pattern is mirrored on the seat. The Tesla model has an abundance of customizable features, including base, legs, finishing, upholstery, and a fully customizable back. Gary Platt received U.S. Patent No. D861405 for its design.

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