CI: How long did deployment take? WP: The adapters were available a couple of months after we opened, but as we built the floor the JCM team was here working alongside us getting the equipment installed. It’s been an ongoing process since we started building the floor in August 2019. So, no downtime was required at all, we have just been adding as we go.

MB: To add to that, being a brand-new property, we get a lot of transient business and a lot of new customers walking in every day. We’re barely over a year old and we were shut down for a couple of months during the pandemic of course. This technology adds value because in some cases we are limiting our interactions with guests on the floor because of COVID protocols and this communicates with the customer on our behalf without having to have a person-to-person interaction which is presently more limited. Even with our protocols in place, the extensive

measures we have instituted, we still want to ensure we interact with a guest at the appropriate level and still provide them the guest experience they are looking for in a manner that is protective of both employee and guest. This helps us to meet the middle ground in ways that were not so challenging prior to the pandemic.

CI: Was PromoNet one of the key factors in adopting this? WP: It was really the whole package. PromoNet is different from FUZION itself, it is the ability to kick out the ticket based on certain metrics. The FUZION back-end is the meat of this product and something that, now that it’s turned on and fully activated on the floor, has given us a tremendous amount of value: the real- time monitoring of those cash cans, the ticket printers, it’s being able to really see what’s happening on our floor at any given moment during the day. FUZION has a dashboard system we can access and I can use it to see how many games are on the floor, the relative fullness of the cash box, the ticket printers, it’s a pretty amazing snapshot of the status of the floor. This technology allows us to keep our finger on the pulse without having to open up every single game, pull out the cash box and evaluate everything. We have 1600 machines, so it allows us to be much more efficient with labour too.

40 MAY 2021

CI: Technology like this introduces efficiencies and increases your real-time knowledge – it’s quite a big change for operational insights. Has it been a big positive change for you, as two experienced casino people? WP: One of the changes day-to-day comes from the back end and the drop team. With the FUZION technology we are able to look at how full each individual cash box is, so we are really deferring from the traditional drop team schedule. A traditional drop team, depending on the staffing they have for the day or time of the day, might do a quarter of the floor so they will block out that section on their plan and work through it. They’ll go through a quarter of the floor a day regardless of how full the box is, you just clean sweep that floor. That’s the traditional set-up. We are able to see which cans need to be dropped on a

day-to-day basis. If a machine cash box is at 50-60% full, the drop team can go and get just that box, they don’t waste any time on the rest of that bank or that area if it’s not required. They just go where they are needed. This creates a specific and specialised drop schedule that changes every single day. Not only is it more efficient, it also enhances the security by having a randomised drop schedule as we are not following the same patterns all the time. MB: Being a newer property with the support of Hard Rock International, it’s interesting in our industry to watch the changes on the gaming side. Most properties have similar slots, table games, similar amenities, and hotels; there are clearly variations across the market of course. But trying to be innovative continues to be challenging. What we have found is over time in the industry is technology clearly seems to be part of what’s on the forefront of allowing us to evolve together, not only on the efficiencies and accuracies in our day-to-day operations, but also on the guest side. What’s unique about this technology that Will alluded to is it allows us to achieve both sides of the equation: to be effective and efficient to the benefit of both our guests and our team members. One thing we have done here is introduce a lot of new

technology as the newest casino in the market. We believe with the technology platforms we have here we have raised the bar in this space: we have self-pay jackpots so the player doesn’t have to wait for staff to process pay-outs to get them back in the game; we have beverage on demand, cardless entry into your game… these are just a few of the technology enhancements we have incorporated. There are many technologies we have adopted here to be innovative and compelling, all with a focus on ‘How do we differentiate the gaming experience at our property’ so that it continues to add value and be a positive tool for everyone interacting in the space.

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