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Time and Place’s Glenn Cezanne looks at the EU budget and fi nds some light in the murk

W 24 MAY 2021

hen I talk about the complaints regarding a bloated budget, discussions on rebates, corruption and

mismanagement of funds, many of you will immediately know what I am talking about – the EU budget. Even if it might sound like a disaster, in actual fact it really isn’t. At least I don’t think so. Maybe ask the Brexiteers for a different view on this though. For example, the EU budget has been a major driving factor for increasing cohesion amongst the corners of the Union, it has funded an extraordinary student exchange programme, has increased transportation capacity of goods and people, and has supported the development of some pretty interesting ventures; just to name a few under the Digital Europe programme: • The Aeroarms project is developing drones to carry out safety checks of hard-to-reach parts of industrial plants. • The Alfred project created a personal

assistant that elderly people can interact with online.

• The Murab project is developing technology that will make it possible to take more accurate biopsies and diagnose cancer and other illnesses faster.

• The ProsocialLearn project devised games to help children, especially those in danger of social exclusion, improve their social skills.

• The RECAP project has developed tools to make it easier to follow EU agricultural regulations. Ok, on the last project, some of you might think EU agriculture is over-regulated anyway and this is a bit paradoxical and self-serving. That’s an issue for another discussion, but I have to say that I do like my food to be healthy and sustainable. Anyway. The point here to make is that the EU institutions, more specifi cally the European Commission has done a terrible job at really letting Europe’s population know about the benefi ts of being part of the EU. Those wonderful highly visible panels dotted around the UK about benefi ciaries of EU funding didn’t catch that much attention after all, I guess. So, I thought today might be a good

opportunity to give a bit of insight into EU funding opportunities, and to highlight that even if it doesn’t directly come to mind that it has the gambling sector within its scope, that in the coming years you might well find some unexpected opportunities to be involved in.

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