We are positively disposed and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible. After a long time now we are preparing ourselves for the next NIGA exhibition in Las Vegas, which will take place July 19-22, 2021 in Las Vegas. Well, we can hardly wait to welcome all our clients at this

show and will be happy to see the whole industry soon. On top of this we hope to meet everyone in October ´21 during the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).

CI: Going forward, will the pandemic affect how you do the sales side of the business in the long term? Will you do more business online, using video conferences, attend expos digitally, adapt in that way? KÖ: This pandemic affects us but not so hard as we expected, we keep our production to fulfil our existing orders but also the operators did not stop investing in new technologies. This made everything easier for us. We will absolutely use the online conference and video platforms in order to cover pandemic-periods but from my side this is a temporary solution. One of the APEX philosophies is: “People Make Business”, so that we can build and grow long-term business cooperations. We are in an entertainment business and you need personal and physical contact with people.

CI: How is the mobile aspect of the business going? Have you seen growth in online and mobile gaming? Has there been increased focus on that side of the business? KÖ: The fact is due to the pandemic the online business has seen growth, which we can see worldwide in nearly all regions but most of the gamblers were not able to visit casinos and did not enjoy pandemic measures and limitations. I think this has a huge impact on positive online figures and I think this online business will grow in the future but not like in this pandemic time. And the land-based casinos will have very fast growth because the gamblers/players are very social people and they have been missing their thrills for months now.

CI: What are the main markets for your slots? How are you aiming to develop this globally? KÖ: We are the one of the unique suppliers which offers the whole range of casino products. Not only slot machines – live gaming equipment like Chippers, Shufflers, iDROP, tables and accessories and more. Therefore our customer network is not limited to certain territories, but rather we consider it as global.


CI: Clover-Link has apparently been doing very well for you – what’s the secret of Clover-Link’s success? KÖ: This is a combination of long-time development and our many years of experience in this industry. We like to hear not only operator needs but also how the players are thinking. I had several conversations with players in different countries on different continents. In terms of game behaviour we offer an exclusive experience. APEX offers several different types of hardware solution with Clover-Link. For example, our Island solutions brings casinos a top Las Vegas-style installation. We have several new surprises for our clients – one of them is the Clover- Link xTREME and more will follow soon.

CI: Several years ago the company branched out into hardware like the iDrop, and shufflers – they are tough areas to get in to with well-established competition. Have you seen much traction there? What do your products bring to table games that other do not? KÖ: First of all our iDROP solutions are extremely unique and thoroughly there is no contest. This brings the highest level of security and confidence in both operators and players. iDROP kills the barriers between Live Games and Slot areas and vice-versa. Our Shufflers are very well known for their reliability, ease to maintain and operator friendliness. Our latest Chipper Machine, CHIPPERX, is the most robust solution in its category.

MAY 2021 31

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