Inspired puts the player fi rst and thinks about what they are looking for in a game. Clearly, this can be different based on their locations or preferences of the customer, but usually, we can fi nd common ground. With more new markets regulating all the time our challenge is to maintain our design and game mechanic output while adapting games specifi cally for each market. The opportunities for growth appear endless.” Steve Collett, who as Chief Product Offi cer heads up

Inspired’s retail and online game development, said: “Our portfolio has a broad spectrum of player offerings. As players ourselves, we want to make sure we have the most engaging and fun games for players to play however they interact with our games. Developing games is a collaborative process that involves several people developing ideas, and the addition of the Astra and Bell Fruit games teams has brought a new diversity to our creativity. Our games suit the end player in multiple markets while understanding and benefi ting from our retail roots; they range from great, simple games with engaging maths that appeal to classic players all the way up to providing modern immersive interactive experiences.” Another big component of Inspired’s iGaming growth is its

multi-award winning Virtuals segment, which offers the widest range of sports, races and numbers games. Inspired Virtual Sports are a lifelike simulation of real sports in which outcomes are decided by advance algorithms and a random number generator (RNG). The virtual events are available in retail or online and are shown online alongside live sports or as a separate category within casino or lottery sites. Every three to fi ve minutes, computer software generates 90-second videostreams of scheduled fi xed-odds sporting tournaments, matches, or races that closely depict a live sport event. All bettors see the same schedule of events and the same outcomes. In Inspired’s Virtual Sports, however, each event is unique, with thousands of variants added to the graphics to augment the player’s experience.

Virtual Sports

Inspired’s Virtual Sports have been proven to generate 15-20 percent incremental revenue to existing sports betting and more Net Win than many live sports events ; unlike in most real sports, Virtual Sports allow players to place a bet and know the results after just a few minutes.

Even before the pandemic, Virtual Sports wagering was growing faster than real sports betting year-on-year. This can be attributed to an increasing awareness and understanding of Virtual Sports products globally, coupled with more sophisticated marketing, promotions and advertising campaigns.

“In 2020 we launched V-Play Plug and Play, our complete end-to-end

“Developing games is a collaborative process that involves several people

developing ideas, and the addition of the Astra and Bell Fruit games teams has brought a new diversity to our creativity”

online and mobile product solution,” said Steve Rogers, Inspired’s Chief Commercial Offi cer, Virtual Sports. “This gives operators easy access to our award-winning scheduled Virtuals games with minimal integration effort into their existing online sportsbook, lottery or casino website.” The company’s highest-performing Virtual games are Soccer, Horse Racing and Basketball, and online Virtuals revenues increased 90 percent year over year in Q4 2020.

While Inspired’s Virtual Sports have a proven history in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 2021 offers major new opportunities for the company in North America. Inspired is launching education and awareness programs to help North American operators capitalize on Virtual Sports’ potential as sports betting becomes more widely legalized. With

continued expansion of online slot and table licenses in North

America, the company looks to be growing rapidly over the next few years.

MAY 2021 29

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