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I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again – if we as an industry don’t do all we can to own the problem gambling scenario, we will constantly be subject to over-regulation from outside forces that address anti-gambling bodies before speaking to those within the industry. The organisations that work against gambling are a great example of extremism, where their experience is often from personal experience and so they rail against the thing that has hurt them. We do very much need to learn from those stories, those experiences are utterly valid – but if any group or individual is seriously suggesting that gambling addiction exists in isolation, I’d absolutely love to see that data. It’s part of a wider, deeper problem and is arguably even symptomatic in most cases. But the same groups are not railing against alcohol and the normalisation of drinking, or the availability of dreadful foods that cause an unbelievable cost to society, healthcare and the individual. Gambling addiction is far from the most serious issue facing most people – but we have the tools available to identify quickly and simply those that it does affect, and it’s our duty as human beings to help them step back and rethink their choices. Once we do that, embrace it fully and take it as far as we logically can, we will no longer be subject to over-regulation because we will already be doing everything that could possibly be asked of us, and more. Is it honestly cheaper to fi ght a court case over whether someone was illegally marketed when they were supposed to be self-excluded, than to just accept that the player needs help and not market to them any more? I’d be surprised, lawyers tend to be expensive. I’m pretty sure the cost argument works out, especially when you factor in no longer needing to pay heavy fi nes for poor business practise or breach of licensing rules. Macau has moved as a gambling market from one where every casino tried to lure whales, to one where most

properties recognise that footfall and the experience can be just as profi table, and the region has moved to a mass market model. Many visitors all spending some is as good as three visitors all spending a great deal. And those visitors spending some will come back again and again, and spread the word about their good experience. Las Vegas is no longer all about the slots, gaming is about 30% of revenue now and it’s thriving. Land-based and online operators everywhere need to take a similar view, and we will all be better off as a result.

Jon Bruford Managing Editor, Casino International +441584 877177 @RunJontyRun @CasinoInt


ECA’s European Dealer Championship announces new 2022 dates

Following the cancellation of this year’s event, the European Casino Association has responded swiftly to calls from the land-based gaming industry to announce new dates for the competition in 2022. Postponed twice due to the impact of the pandemic and ongoing restrictions affecting European travellers, the ECA Board of Directors has confi rmed that the next edition of the European Dealer Championship (EDC) will take place at Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, from May 16-18, 2022. “Every year the EDC has brought together and

recognised the amazing talent nurtured across our member locations Europe-wide,” comments ECA Chair, Per Jaldung. “The spirit of healthy competition, best-practices gleaned from over 25 different European countries and the personal connections made at such a truly international event remain invaluable. The European Dealer Championship has been sorely missed for the last two years and its return to the fabulous location of Monte-Carlo is enthusiastically welcomed by all members and participants.” Swiss Casinos’ Tamas Adam remains the reigning EDC champion whose technical skills,

4 MAY 2021

years to fi nally welcome the best dealers in Europe to Monaco,” states Pascal Camia, Executive Vice President of the Gaming Operations of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer and Vice-Chair of the ECA. “Monte- Carlo is the perfect stage for both the comeback of land-based casinos in Europe and the celebration of the amazing talent and dedication of those working in our sector.” Hermann Pamminger, ECA’s Secretary

control of the game and player-focused hospitality set the benchmark in 2019. To claim the prize of best dealer in Europe in 2022, competitors must demonstrate smart thinking, quick hands and make managing chips, maths and socialising look effortless, whilst being scrutinised throughout by 30 independent international judges. Since its inaugural event in 2007, the European

Dealer Championship has visited 13 countries, welcomed over 400 contestants and 2,000 spectators from across Europe and beyond. The much-anticipated Monte-Carlo event will be an extra special occasion as the industry reunites after so long apart in an extraordinary location. “Casino de Monte-Carlo has been waiting for two

General, adds, “We look forward to gathering in Monaco in May 2022 for a unique edition in a symbolic location. The importance of the EDC is highlighted by the fact that this year’s cancelled event was on track to become the largest competition in its 15-year history, with over 40 participating casino members. Events such as the European Dealer Championship are more important than ever in 2022 as the industry rebounds from the pandemic and seeks to address the challenges of the unprecedented crisis currently facing the land-based sector.” The ECA welcomes members to Monaco

May 16-18, 2022 and to the European Dealer Championship’s next stop, Montreux Casino in Switzerland, in 2023.

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