Closer to the game developer

Software solutions cannot be successful without reliable hardware, and it is of upmost importance for game developers that their content can run without performance issues. For game developers, it goes without saying that more processing power will enable them to create even better content, minimising the challenge of optimising software for specifi c hardware. And software optimisation takes time and for many is not as entertaining as developing content, so outsourcing is often desirable. Slot machines contain random number generators that

can produce thousands of numbers per second, each of which is associated with a different combination of symbols. The game platform needs to manage these various operations within micro-seconds and display high resolution graphics at high frame rates to bring the magic on the monitors to provide the ultimate player experience. High quality animations, with particle effects and multiple videos rendering at the same time are demanding on hardware resource, especially when using software frameworks that are not optimised for the specifi c hardware. As part of the Quixant Software Hub, there are software development and multimedia solutions that allow developers to maximise the performance of the CPU and GPU resources. There are a variety of user-friendly software libraries that are part of the Software Hub which provide access to complex embedded system elements and consist of electronic components, fi rmware, and operative system drivers which accelerate processing for fundamental elements of the game and free up CPU and GPU resources so the game developers can run their content with the desired games mechanics, without a lag and with maximum impact.

True gaming expertise

Quixant’s technical support is provided by the same people who develop its solutions, who have years of experience supporting global gaming clients and enabling them to take full advantage of its market-leading hardware platforms and embedded software. Whether a new customer, or existing customer migrating from one hardware platform to another, or outsourcing parts of their internal software processes, Quixant’s technical team partner to maximise the benefi t of its customers’ embedded platforms throughout the development and launch process. This consists of: • Dedicated training sessions • Support throughout the integration process • Customisation of software solutions to suit individual business needs

• Design and development of new features based on requirements

• Monitoring the certifi cation process up until the product launch

• Continued support once the product is in mass production Final words

Quixant’s partners depend on their Gaming Hardware platforms with integrated software solutions to enable them to deliver exceptional gaming experiences. The combination of powerful and stable hardware and effective embedded software solutions enable them to enhance game performance, ensure compliance and game security, save

money on the cost of third party licenses that Quixant’s software solutions can replace, and push their creativity to the maximum to develop exceptional game content and deliver the ultimate gaming experiences. Find out how Quixant’s new range of gaming hardware platforms and embedded software will enable you to focus your development efforts on enhancing the player experience and launching world-class leading products in record time – check out

Andres Garcia

Head of Software DevOps Andres Garcia is an Engineering Leader with almost 10 years of experience in the gaming industry and 15+ years of international experience designing, developing, and integrating software solutions for various industries. Andres joined Quixant in 2012, and as Head of Software DevOps guides the development of software solutions to meet the needs of the gaming industry and collaborates with customers to seamlessly integrate Quixant products into their technology stack, enabling them to bring products to market faster.

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