titles were developed for market opportunities in Eastern Europe and Latin America and exemplify IGT delivering on its promise of localised content for its customers. New, regionally relevant USwitch multi-game bundles on the Crystal

series cabinet, and Diversity HD multi-game bundles on the AXXIS 23/23 cabinet were additional highlights within IGT’s ICE portfolio. These user-friendly game bundles feature a range of heritage IGT games and recently released “Proven Performer” games. Following the global rollout of successful multi-level progressives (MLP)

Fort Knox and Fortune Gong video slots, IGT showcased the next titles within its diverse MLP library for the CrystalCurve cabinet. Golden Goddess, Star Stax and Dragon Lights will all be displayed on the cabinet’s 43-inch, curved 4k display. Also on show was an array of exciting dual- screen MLPs on the CrystalDual 27 such as Hyper Hits and Fortune Link. ICE attendees also enjoyed superb new innovation within IGT’s award- winning TRUE 4D portfolio. American Gods 4D is based on the cable TV fantasy drama and the writings of author Neil Gaiman and delivers a vibrant, multi-sensory gaming experience. American Gods 4D will be joined on-stand by Ghostbusters 4D and Wheel of Fortune 4D, and several games from IGT’s TRUE 3D portfolio. IGT also demonstrated its leading casino management system (CMS), IGT

Advantage, and the many modular and mobile components that enable operators to truly customise their CMS investments, plus much, much more.


CE 2019 was an opportunity for GPI to present and demo their newest RFID products and solutions. In particular, the latest RFID bet scanning antennas. GPI has RFID solutions for security or chip

tracking (at cash or live game table levels), they offer RFID innovations that can read players’ bets. Two full RFID tables and a BJ and a bean Baccarat table were demoed in the show booth. Show attendees had the opportunity to play at these tables and were able to experience the benefits of such solutions. Additionally, podiums were on display where bet scanning features were presented. GPI also presented their extensive range of chips and plaques. They

exhibited gaming chip samples with Intricate Edge inserts and chip edges that can have custom markings which is useful to distinguish chip sets from others, especially when the chips are stacked. Also, GPI displayed a range of EGC synthetic layouts that are

produced in France. Their EGC layouts provide sharp, full color graphics that can duplicate almost any photo or sophisticated design with exacting precision, Ideal for all game types. EGC layouts give dealers and players an exceptional playing surface and are a durable and economical choice that provides extraordinary design flexibility. Gaming Partners International is a worldwide leading supplier of an unmatched suite of table game products including chips, plaques, jetons, layouts, playing cards, dice and SMART RFID solutions.


tylGame took its most successful products along with many new ones to ICE 2019. The Italian company designs and manufactures a wide range of

high-comfort products for casinos and gaming rooms offering a thorough optimization of the gaming station based on scientifically validated criteria. Its products are designed with a goal in mind which is unique in the sector, because it involves continuous research that integrates new technological systems with exclusive ergonomic principles. Thanks to this approach the player can enjoy total comfort involving all aspects of the game, increasing the duration of the playing session, plus the value of the machine and room accordingly. The gaming and casino market is increasingly competitive and the high-end demand requires products made according to custom features. StylGame collaborates with many of the major international slot manufacturers, with architecture studios and designers at the top of the industry and with prominent names in the naval sector. In order to do this, the company has developed great flexibility and production strategies allowing a deep adaptation to customer needs through a complete control and optimisation of production processes and supply chain. StylGame has its production facilities and operational offices both in

Italy and Las Vegas; from these two strategic positions it is managing a constant growth in all the markets it operates, including Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. At the show, StylGame also presented the SlotBanks line, which includes slot bases and all the structural elements needed to create slot islands in any type of room and satisfy all the architectural needs of the customers. StylGame Slot Bases, like all the other company’s products, have been

developed starting from a study on ergonomics focused on the dynamics of gaming and then optimized through a research and improvement process carried out by its Research and Development team. These are technical products at the top of the industry due to their functionality, construction quality and ergonomic features.


ransAct’s Rob Denham, Vice President of Sales and Product Management, spoke positively to Casino International about the company’s ICE experience. Rob told CI: “ICE was fantastic, a really

good show for us. We spoke about a lot of interesting projects, and customers were talking about growth in multiple areas – we came out with a real buzz from the show.” TransAct rolled out the excellent Epic Edge at the event, and there

was no shortage of suitors; the company reputation has been cemented after continued success with Epicentral, and Edge looks set to continue that momentum. Rob added: “At ICE we focussed on the launch of Epic Edge, our next-generation TITO printer. Its main feature is high- resolution print abilities, to create crisper barcodes for increased ticket acceptance and to help our customers make better promotional coupons. You can also download firmware as there is an SD slot in the side for increased convenience for operators. It’s the next-level TITO printer on the market. “We also showed Epicentral, which as ever saw a lot of interest. We

have won some great business with Epicentral and it continues to work for us.”

42 MARCH 2019

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