MATIC Industries duly delivered its promise to deliver a Firework of Innovation at ICE. The company not only introduced a wave of new exciting games to its ever growing multigame portfolio –

two brand new cabinets were given their premiere at this year’s show as well. And even more: the Roulette Grand Jeu was presented with a brand new overhead display design. AMATIC’s design strengths were clearly demonstrated at ICE with the

introduction of two new upright gaming machines – the CX24 and the CX27. Based on an innovative concept, the CX series represents the perfect combination of masterful design, modular construction and future-proof technology. The ultra-modern CX machines stand out immediately with strong edge-lit LED lighting around each monitor – which adapts and changes for each individual game. Customers can choose from push buttons or the latest and stylish touchscreen panel. A powerful sound system and the outstanding gaming performance at the CX24 and CX27 cabinets will surely draw in and fascinate players world-wide. Tradition and innovation – these two terms may seem opposites yet that is the secret to success. The Roulette Grand Jeu from AMATIC may look conservative, indeed traditional – yet this is exactly what many players want and feel at home with. It is packed with the latest technology and wide-screen monitors. New for ICE: The AMATIC team proudly introduced the version with a stylish overhead display design. This Firework of Innovation has made ICE 2019 a truly memorable show for AMATIC Industries.


raud, high operating costs and scarce

business intelligence data – these are the challenges the industry pioneer Dallmeier addressed with its “Smart Casino Solutions” at ICE London 2019. Dallmeier’s combination of video technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve profitability of the three essential casino areas – gaming, surveillance, and marketing – led to an extremely positive response from ICE visitors. Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology (CAT) is the first gaming

automation system that is live in a productive environment. It is currently available for Baccarat and Blackjack and uses AI technologies and standard Full HD IP cameras to recognize chips and cards, provide real-time information about bet position and bet value, game pace and float value etc. CAT allows for a highly increased game pace, a much more effective protection from fraud and an accurate player rating, to name just a few key functionalities. Many casinos still install huge numbers of PTZ and fisheye cameras,

creating a more and more complex environment with questionable image quality and security effect. With the new 360-degree version of Dallmeier patented Panomera camera technology, casino operators can cover much larger areas with the same number of operators while at the same time significantly improving overall security due to a 360-degree, high resolution view of the overall scene. In case of an incident, multiple operators can zoom in at the same time resolving complex scenarios – but without losing the overall picture both in live and recording as it is the case with PTZ cameras.

40 MARCH 2019


CE 2019 saw the European debut of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Blaze Craps which joined other Blaze products on show, including Blaze Roulette and Blaze Money Wheel. Like all products in the suite, Blaze Craps features eye-catching energy efficient LED lights fitted below the

surface of the gaming table which display unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. As the industry’s only patented table technology to illuminate custom video animations through the layout, Blaze has proven to be an exciting addition to any gaming floor. Blaze LED surface technology has been adopted extensively throughout the global live gaming market with over 600 Blaze Sicbo units installed across Asia and over 100 Blaze Roulette tables installed in the Americas in 2018 alone. Blaze displays unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. With a choice of single or double table configurations – depending upon game-type – and with acrylic or cloth layouts available, Blaze offers an array of options to meet any casino need. Tristan Sjöberg, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Executive Chairman comments, “Our Blaze LED surface technology has dominated the illuminated gaming table market in Asia and enjoyed major success in the Americas and Europe, as it’s the only product available that features in-game animated video allowing operators to incorporate themed designs and images into their most popular games. We continue to add new games to the range, providing operators with endless possibilities for theming and advertising, whilst attracting players to tables.” The Blaze product suite not only provides stunning graphics it also

increases security on the casino floor and assists Dealers with game accuracy. Players and gaming staff instantly benefit from seeing winning numbers clearly highlighted, and with the improved visibility of these sections, Pit Bosses and security staff can easily monitor game procedures from a distance.


n the largest and most impressive booth space ever for the Gauselmann Group, teams from around the world came together to present a wide range of gaming products and solutions. None

more so, of course, than the real stars of Merkur Gaming: the games! With more than 140 games available for ICE attendees to see and try for themselves the booth was a magnet for visitors from the moment the doors at ExCeL opened to the show’s close, three days later. Great games demand great cabinets and, alongside Merkur Gaming’s

world famous Avantgarde and Avantgarde Trio, Evostar and Merkurstar ranges was the new and elegant Allegro Curve cabinet that proved to be such a success on its international debut at the recent G2E in Las Vegas. Allegro is a stunning development. The cabinet features are a 43” curved Ultra HD monitor plus the latest Gforce Ultra HD multigame technology platform, an attractive lighting concept, a player perfect ergonomically assured seating position and its optional video

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