ICE 2019 REVIEW UBA Pro builds on the success of the original and award-winning

UBA and adds many modern-day technologies that result in a high- speed acceptance rate. Those technologies also help to future-proof the new UBA Pro, so operators can feel confident in placing the new bill validator on their casino floor. The UBA Pro is deliberately designed to be a plug-and-play upgrade from the UBA, and it supports JCM’s ICB Intelligent Cash Box, which eliminates human error and streamlines the entire drop process across the entire casino floor. JCM also exhibited many other solutions that help to make casino operations more secure, including iVIZION bill validator, GEN5 thermal printer, PromoNet floor-wide couponing system, ICB, iPRO-RC note-recycling bill validator, RDM-100, and MRX units. Attendees from the UK and Spain were particularly keen on JCM’s

Ticket2Go solution, which offers a retrofit ticketing solution for gaming machines that do not support open standard ticketing protocols. Attendees were also interested to get an up-close look at the new MRX Modular Banknote Recycler which can also be utilised as a redemption kiosk because of the way it optimizes cash management by reducing downtimes and optimizing recycling processes within the cash transaction. When paired with iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 printer, JCM’s FUZION technology contains many features that enable casinos to operate more securely and efficiently. At ICE, JCM showed the latest version, which has many advanced features, such as security monitoring, where money laundering and suspicious activities are detected in real time, and alerts can be sent through email, text, or logged in FUZION.


nce more the gaming world was in high gear, having its traditional annual gathering at the ICE show, sharing new ideas, product developments, achievements and discussing on the

latest trends in the industry. “I am so delighted to have met customers from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Central America at our booth,” commented Stanislav Stanev, sales and marketing director of EGT. “Some of them have become good friends of ours through the years, others are new contacts, but the feedback of all made us feel proud with our ICE exposition. The next generation General slot cabinets of EGT, the Egypt-themed debuting jackpots – Ancient Spin and Sands Princess, and the classic Jackpot Cards were perceived as a highlight at EGT’s booth together with the exquisite LED General Jackpot signs. Widely approved were the products of EGT Multiplayer which are definitely a step further in our portfolio’s enrichment. EGT Interactive and Spider CMS’ team also reported high interest in their new developments.” In conclusion Mr. Stanev affirmed that the mass production of the “G” cabinets will begin immediately after the show. As a start they will be equipped with the Gold Collection HD mix of 48 games and later this year the Red, Fruits General and Power multigames will follow. Elsewhere, other products from EGT’s incredibly impressive line-up

were wowoing guests. “S32 is definitely a very elegant, high-end and successful model and we are very proud of its performance, but during my meetings with numerous customers from South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Russia and many countries from Asia I was asked numerous questions about another product of ours – the new T86 touch screen roulette table,” – shared Borislav Marinov, head of sales & marketing at EGT Multiplayer. “It attracts the attention immediately, having large 86-inch screen, 6 gaming positions and multitude of preferred features. The visitors also admired the facelifted terminals S32 32 and S32 32 32 of our S-Line series.” After all the showcased premieres and gathered feedback at booth

S4-330 during ICE 2019, the team of EGT, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive is prepared for an even busier, but exciting year ahead.”

36 MARCH 2019


asinoFlex Systems International – the systems company from Tim Klok and Bas Baarbe – has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. The rising star of the systems market has already

built up an enviable list of customers, including Efbet from Bulgaria. Every system Efbet uses is provided by CasinoFlex Systems. “We noticed a real change this year at ICE,” explained Tim Klok, Managing Director at CasinoFlex Systems International. “We were on the must-see list for many operators. As a young company, we are used to seek business opportunities and ask for operators to come and see us. This year at ICE it was different – operators were coming to see us and prepared to wait even if we were in conversation with someone else. That was really pleasing and proved to us that we are on the right track.” CasinoFlex Systems International makes a system much more than a

necessity, bringing to life a whole world of features and options. It is all about service – and this is where the team really stands out. The investment is taking time, listening and creating a system to cater to all the customers’ needs. Efbet, for example, stated that CasinoFlex Systems was the only systems company that could fulfil their needs to 100% – that is why they chose to work with CasinoFlex Systems. “For us it is key that our customers make the best use of what a

system can offer. We advise and we listen. We’d like to send out a big thank you to everyone who came to our stand. We appreciated you taking the time to see us”, concluded Bas Baarbe, Technology Director at CasinoFlex Systems International.


CE was CLOVER LINK time. CLOVER LINK has captured the hearts of players around the world. Operators have overwhelmingly reported on its popularity and success. The excitement continues: At this

year’s ICE APEX gaming revealed yet more CLOVER LINK solutions. Following on from the BIG ISLAND, ROUND EDITION and WALL EDITION, the SLIM EDITION was introduced, being the perfect answer in the more space conscious market segment. All versions are available in a range of different slots, including the 43” Pinnacle Premium Curved, the Pinnacle Black Series with two 24” monitors or the Pinnacle Premium Curved with three 27” monitors. “CLOVER LINK has proven to be the top linked jackpot island in

casinos around the world,” confirmed Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. “We are true to our company philosophy to take gaming to the next level. We have been overwhelmed by the sheer interest, demand and firm orders we have received for CLOVER LINK”. The beauty of award-winning CLOVER LINK is that it is now available

as a multi-game with four games. This gives operators yet another reason to choose CLOVER LINK. APEX gaming is a provider of complete gaming solutions that was

plain to see on their stand at ICE. This included the individual Pinnacle slots and the APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) electronic roulette. This expandable solution can be linked to up to four roulette wheels (both live and/or electronic) and operators can include the EVO games on it as well.

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