customers. We have seen a shift in the marketplace, with one major casino group now specifying that all future wheel orders will be RRS-only.” On its acceptability, Mr Cammegh added: “RRS is a GLI-approved

technology designed to add randomness and increase security to the game of roulette. It has inherent integrity. Any kind of perceived fear held by customers in deploying this technology is fast diminishing. In fact, the issue is more with those having chosen not to adopt this technology in the face of a scam. Awareness of the threat is increasing, raising the acceptability and necessity of this solution.


he newest products offerings of Casino Technology made an impressive inroad on the gaming stage at ICE Totally Gaming coinciding the company’s 20th Anniversary. The latest top notch

products EZ MODULO TITAN, EZ MODULO TOWER represent the flavor of the innovation-packed debuts, prepared by the company. Rossi McKee, Vice President of Casino Technology commented: “At

ICE we stated our intentions for what will be an incredible year for Casino Technology. As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary as a successful global gaming manufacturer, stepping on a solid foundation, we are moving forward, looking for the new and broadened business horizons ahead of us”. The impressive new cabinets with diverse and compelling content EZ MODULO TITAN and EZ MODULO TOWER were perfectly well perceived by operators and multitude of commitments for purchases were made already. Added to the already offered line up of machines from the EZ MODULO series, both new products have completed the line as a perfect choice for all types of casinos and gaming halls. Furthermore, the new line Progressive Jackpot concepts of Casino Technology, presented by the GORILLA WHEEL multi-game suite and the latest CLOVER CHARM game pack, presuppose and exciting gaming experience that was appreciated by all customers. In the online segment the exciting library of the next generation online HTML5 Neon Games invoked great interest with captivating graphics combined with lucrative winning and top bonus deals.


he global SUZOHAPP team was kept

very busy on all three days at ICE. A new booth position provided more room to display SUZOHAPP’s increased product offerings of components and solutions for Gaming, Amusement, Sports Betting, Lottery and Bingo. “The global gaming market is extremely diverse and we have so many solutions. We offer over 50,000 components alone which is why we purposely created the stand to help visitors find those components that would address their specific needs,” explained Goran Sovilj, SUZOHAPP’s Executive Vice President of Gaming & Amusement in Europe. Components of main interest that were on display were the range of LCD displays, including the latest VisionPro Edge-Lit LED touch and

non-touch monitors, and Elo Touch Solutions open frame monitors. Further key components were toppers, pushbuttons and LCD button decks, including the new DPS (Dynamic Panel Systems) as well as locks, including the new Giussani E-PRL reprogrammable electronic lock. The printers from Nanoptix and the barcode scanners from Newland were showcased on separate islands, underscoring the importance of these distribution products for SUZOHAPP. “The message is that we can simplify your sourcing,” noted Mike Sigona, SUZOHAPP’s Global Gaming Product Manager and Business Development Manager in Europe. “We offer every single component an operator or manufacturer may need. We can advise our customers on the best individual product for each part of their machine. This message was especially appreciated at the sports betting section of our booth.” “We were grateful for the opportunity to show so many customers,

new and old, our ever-improving product offering. We have transformed into a complete solution provider for sports betting and cash management, while maintaining our roots in components. We thank everyone who took the time to come to our stand at ICE,” concluded Mr. Sovilj.


ristocrat Technologies brought a breathtaking array of new products to ICE 2019, incorporating a mixture of popular brands, trending game mechanics and innovative

developments in hardware and software design. Erik van den Berg, Vice-President of Sales & Business

Development for Aristocrat’s casino interests in EMEA, said: “Our diverse portfolio strives to meet the broad range of needs across and within varied European, Middle Eastern and African markets.” Following hugely successful introductions in North America and

Australia, the Helix XT cabinet now begins its roll-out across selected EMEA markets, offering a premium-style housing for standard sale games. This upright cabinet displays portrait content on a 4K 42-inch P-curve screen, complemented by an LCD topper and enhanced virtual button deck. Aristocrat’s James Boje spoke with Casino International at the

event, telling us the show has “been good, very positive for us.” James expanded on the company’s tag line of ‘it’s all about what’s inside’, adding: “It’s all about what’s inside and understanding what that means. For us it’s about our people, it’s about our content, but also our technology, and the various elements of what makes us successful. Our values are very important to us; diversity is critical to our growth and we value that very much as well. That’s why upstairs you’ll see a whole wall of just people’s faces, our staff from all over the world – it’s about our people, and that’s what makes us tick every day. “Here at ICE we have the cabinet diversity, we’ve got some truly

great product content, new hardware – we launched the Helix XT here, to add some hardware diversification for operators on their floor and to complement some of our great portrait content. The customers love it! We’re really trying to bring to market what the customers would like to see. “Our customers are happy, and those customers challenge us all the time. They want things that we might not have, for example poker – and we’re very much working on that, with some product on the stand that customers have been waiting for. We’ve also had a big presence on the stand with our arcade segment, plus there is Ovation Bingo that we’ve got in South Africa. We have a much broader representation on the floor this year, I think it is fair to say.”

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