attaches to our SC Advance banknote validators. Then, you bring the hardware online by connecting it to a casino’s Ethernet network. This is what enables the real-time data to be shown on the final piece of our Easitrax Connect solution – our mobile-friendly web application. That’s it. The UCB is future-proof to connect to other devices later down the road – like cashless and mobile payment devices.” “Operators can now get so much more value out of the data that the

SC Advance provides thanks to our Easitrax Connect platform. Whether coins, bills or cashless – we have developed the solutions that provide optimal return on investment. We have our eyes on the future with cashless transactions and connectivity, and at ICE we brought this all together,” concluded Jauch.

GeWeTe G

eWeTe – the Gauselmann subsidiary responsible for the global development, sales and support of redemption machines in the casino market – is renowned for its focus on technology, quality

and security. GeWeTe has sold over 60,000 of these solutions throughout the years. In its local market in Germany, GeWeTe has a market share of well over 70%. The reason is clear – GeWeTe has the right solution for each application. This year’s ICE has seen GeWeTe break through a new barrier – the

style barrier; the design of the Cash-Center-Premium is, simply put, a revolution. It demands player attention with its sleek black design and extra-large 27” side-lit LCD touchscreen monitor. The way the monitor has been integrated makes the Cash-Centre-Premium very special – making it immediately noticeable and naturally even simpler to use. Another benefit: The size of the touchscreen opens up a new way of communicating with players. Advertising and videos can be shown on the screen. Casino-Centre-Premium becomes much more than a redemption machine – it is an attractive marketing tool.


nnovative Technology reported a busy ICE 2019 and successfully previewed their two new state-of-the-art recyclers. Both the NV22 Spectral (NV22S) and Spectral Payout attracted much interest on the

stand, alongside their new ICU unit – a brand-new age verification device that automates the policy for controlling access to age restricted premises, gaming and purchases. Marcus Tiedt, Sales Director commented: “2019 was our busiest ICE

to date with a solid stream of international visitors over the three days, particularly on day two which produced a record day of visitor enquiries. The highlights on the stand were our new recycling products featuring our cutting-edge Spectral technology. “The new Spectral Payout was undoubtedly the star on the stand this

year. This 80 note mixed denomination recycler for high volume applications can store all denominations from a given currency thereby eliminating coin starvation and reducing coin float levels required to keep machines operational. This latest addition to the Spectral family uses our established NV200 Spectral banknote validator – which was as popular as ever at the show, both as a standalone product and as part of the Spectral Payout. With its full spectral imaging sensors, the unit validates the authenticity of notes offering exceptional protection

38 MARCH 2019

against fraudulent and stained notes. The Spectral Payout is a fully secure unit significantly improving serviceability as it incorporates quick and easy access to the payout module when undocked for maintenance, plus internal memory for data logging and free firmware updates. This is the perfect product for any customers wanting to upgrade from the SMART Payout to give them enhanced security and higher speed.


reentube brought the heat and offered event-goers the opportunity to step inside its latest “Home of Games” campaign at ICE Totally Gaming 2019. The NOVOMATIC Interactive

division unveiled magical new titles including the highlight launch of The Great Gambini’s Night Magic, which entertained visitors through a spectacle of live tricks and illusions, performed by the award-winning Magician Matt Parro. Deriving from the NOVOMATIC land-based link, the online version of the Enchanted Fortunes Linked Jackpot also made its debut appearance, launching with the linked themes Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes, Goddess Rising, Pyramid Fortunes and Vampire Fortunes. In addition, Greentube was proud to present a full selection of classic, new and proven games from NOVOMATIC, Greentube and third-party studios for the regulated markets to operators at ICE 2019. What’s more, the innovative Greentube solution Plurius presented

seamless gameplay and single wallet capabilities between land-based, online and mobile. This demonstrated how players can switch between devices on the fly. The system offers a wide selection of games, with titles such as The Great Gambini’s Night Magic and Apollo God of the Sun, not only on desktop and mobile but also on leading NOVOMATIC gaming terminals. In addition, the Plurius system featured a new multi-level jackpot and was connected to the NOVOMATIC Biometrics Systems (NBS) solution.


frenzy of activity on the booth across the entire three days of ICE 2019 marked yet another incredible show for Cammegh, makers of the world’s finest roulette wheel. A measured approach

by the company to the needs of operators saw the launch of Cammegh’s brand new ingenious wheel-levelling device, introduction of a prototype Big Wheel making a huge splash on the stand, while the beautifully proportioned Mini-Wheel put in a stunning performance that stole the stadium spotlight, all illuminated by a backdrop of stunning Billboard displays. Momentum has been building behind Cammegh’s patented RRS

technology since it was first shown at ICE three years ago, with the exhibition this year marking a shift in perception and acceptance of the technology. The Mercury 360 RRS’s Random Rotor Speed feature randomly changes the rotor’s rate of deceleration, changing one of the variables used by electronic devices to predict game outcome, foiling the use of cerebral and device clocking of the ball and rotor speeds, which are designed to identify a roulette wheel’s winning and losing sectors, giving player advantage over the house. “There has been an awakening of the market to the RRS technology at this show,” stated Mr. Cammegh. “Over the last 12 months, RRS wheels have comprised around 10% of our orders. However, since the start of 2019 that figure has risen to something approaching 50% per cent, both in terms of orders and the volume of conversations with

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