exclusively preview Melitta LatteSelect®

Time to rethink the latte with the NEW LatteSelect® fully automated bean to cup coffee machine by Melitta® Thanks to its one-touch, ease of use function and coloured

picture display the sensor fields start the preparation of your favourite coffee speciality. Choose from one of the twelve coffee recipes or save one of your own special settings. With the option to select the four classics – i.e. espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato, you can also use the menu to make eight other coffee specialities via the My Coffee memory function. When it comes to coffee preparation, the LatteSelect®

features the two-chamber bean

container with the manual bean select function for individual taste. The brewing strength can also be adjusted to four settings and the grinding fineness to five settings. It even has a Double Cup mode which allows two cups to be filled simultaneously. This ‘must have’ fast and hygienic kitchen appliance is even characterised by an ultra-quiet grinder that uses a particularly low-noise grinding process.

Exclusively Stand number: EH216 u 0844 800 8055

u Melitta® ’s NEW epour Brabantia

Brabantia can’t wait to show you their new indoor drying solution, HangOn! Available in Matt Black, Metallic Grey, and White, in four sizes – 15m, 20m, 25m, and 25m + Hanging Rod. The largest size can hold two whole machine loads! Proving drying can be both practical and stylish.

u 01275 810600 u

Preparation of great tasting pour over filter coffee has never been easier than with Melitta’s NEW epour. Complete with its modern touch panel, key features include an open filter allowing you to experience the brewing process with all your senses. The water spout, which rotates 360° and changes the direction and water flow depending on the brewing profile, ensures the coffee is optimally and quickly dampened as if by hand. What’s more, the pre-brew function gives the coffee time for ideal blooming, so its full-bodied aroma can fully develop. The simple touch panel also allows customising your pour over preference with ease and there’s even a Barista Mode for programming an individual brewing profile. Impressively, the epour reaches the optimum extraction temperature of 92°C to 96°C in a very short period of time whilst maintaining it for the entire duration of the brewing process. The Melitta®

epour® is available in two colour versions:

Matt Back & Gold AND Matt Black & Chrome RRP is: £199 Exclusively Stand number: EH216

u 01952 671077 u


The Victorinox Swiss Classic paring knife: it’s as integral to a busy kitchen as your stove. Small but mighty, this is the blade that’s always poised for action on your cutting board. From deseeding a chilli or dicing courgette, to trimming a sirloin cut or slicing limes for your happy hour party, this is the compact multitasker to do it all. Invest in all three with the trio set which includes three sizes (8–11 cm) with new colourful rainbow hues.

u 0116 234 4611 u


After a long wait, Brabantia are finally bringing their shiny new bathroom range, ReNew, to the Exclusively Housewares show! From mirrors and soap dispensers, to storage pots and squeegees, this range has everything you need to organize your bathroom, and create your very own home spa!

u 01275 810600 u

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