exclusively preview BHETA predict trends for Exclusively

The Exclusively exhibition (24th to 25th August at the Business Design Centre) has a reputation for predicting commercial trends and a proven track record for enabling brands to get in front of buyers and the media.


ith the return of the ‘live’ event, Exclusively will unveil the next three / five year trends to buyers, trade and consumer media and suppliers. Trend forecaster, Phil Pond from Scarlet Opus, gives Housewares a sneak preview of some of the trends that will be popular over the coming years and at the Exclusively Show. Neo Luxe will start to come through from the autumn / winter – the idea being to help en- sure that the products on display at the show are perfectly placed for buyers both short term and into Christmas, as well as long term. Neo Luxe is all sophistication and dark

romance from earlier centuries and combines rich luxurious colours with high drama and an almost punk quality in its provocative glamour. Key for Christmas, the look will be around for three to five years. The trend is all about learning from the past and appreciating the sensuous style of earlier centuries - rich colours and dark luxuriance, tension between male and female but ground- ed in the natural. It is a provocative meeting of the historic with contemporary and the key colours are blue, black and shades of green with textures such a velvet, walnut, gloss and gold and brass. Florals and foliage are impor- tant patterns going forward. Products which work with Neo Luxe will not only be prevalent in the exhibition in general, but also in the Brand Showcase – a media-friendly edit of the main show – where some 250 press, bloggers and influencers will soak up the on trend thinking and use it in all their coverage to come. Following on from that, Phil Pond gave a sneak preview of Reset at the Exclusively briefing meeting for exhibitors. It is a trend which is already manifesting in global design as sustainability shifts from being a trend to be the norm. Embracing this point, product at the show will be perfectly placed for buyers both immediately as well as long term. Reset is all about ‘preserve, conserve,

protect’ and acknowledges the establishment of green cities, urban farms, rooftop and vertical gardens. This is about the circular economy and the key mantra of ‘do no harm’. As a result, this is about designing out waste, repairing and reusing, and products that are not disposable.

In terms of style, we will be seeing blues

and greens and muted patterns which reflect foliage, herbs, fruit and vegetables. A mix and match pallet that will look particularly good on glass. Key words are nature, recovery, local, waste, protect and reuse.

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In addition to this, Pond further commented

on Togetherness and how this trend will begin to make its mark in spring / summer 2022 and is all about positivity and collective wellbeing. It is an immensely upbeat trend. Togetherness reflects permanent changes in society and is about people putting other people first. Sharing and collaboration are key and the colours we will see are joyful and vin- tage. Peach, cardboard brown and bubblegum pink are all to the fore. From a cookware and tabletop point of view, food from Africa and the Caribbean will be on trend as well as more product for outdoor eat- ing and cooking. Portable product for picnics and alfresco dining will be huge and quirky cocktails will be back in abundance. Chair of Exclusively and Chief Operating Officer of show owner, BHETA, Will Jones commented, “Given all that the world has

endured over the last fifteen or so months, it goes without saying that the safety of all Exclu- sively visitors and exhibitors is paramount and Exclusively is working closely with its venue, The Business Design Centre in Islington to ensure that all necessary protocols for regis- tration, hospitality, events, meetings and the total visitor / exhibitor experience are in place. Everyone can be confident in being there and in enjoying a great show. The opportunities to see the latest product, talk to suppliers and gather all manner of excellent content and market intelligence is second to none. Follow- ing the lack of industry face to face interaction over the last 15 months I would say that this year’s Exclusively is a real must for buyers.” More information about visiting Exclusive- ly can be obtained from the BHETA Member Services Team on 0121 237 1130 or via the website July/August 2021

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