A Reminder from the Rainy Day Trust – More Help, Just Different

This year is turning out to be as busy as 2020, but there has been a distinct shift in the nature of the applications that we are receiving. Bryan Clover, CEO of The Rainy Day Trust, reflects on how the pandemic has effected many in the industry and what they are doing to help.

up, money borrowed from friends and family and high interest lenders. As we started 2021 though the debt crisis took a new turn and we started to be asked to help with rent and mortgage arrears as the eviction ban was lifted. The debt problems had reached the point of no return. Non-priority debt is one thing, but debt that gets you evicted or your home repossessed is something else altogether. Even though many businesses in builders’

merchants, DIY and housewares have done well during the various lockdowns, we sometimes forget that there is another partner at home that could work in one of the industries like hospitality that are still under the cosh. Many families that had been just surviving before the pandemic were now drowning. That’s what we are here for. To step in and help.

But we can only help when people know that L

ast spring when the effects of the C19 virus started to bite the help that we delivered was what you would expect

– emergency cash injections to get people through short term crises, and food parcels. All things to meet immediate needs as applicants found themselves furloughed on 80% of their original salaries, or for those on zero hours contracts, no income at all. As we saw only too often in the press, the Government’s assistance to those that were worst hit was slow in coming. As time progressed, we saw a shift towards calls for help to deal with mounting debt and strass; one fuelling the other. The story was frequently the same. Lower income led to more expensive borrowing, credit cards were loaded

we are here. In an ideal world, there would be no need for charities like us, but we live in a world that is far from perfect. We are here to help, and we want to help. To do that we need you to spread the word, encouraging people to talk to us early so that we can help before problems become insurmountable. While financial support is the core of our work, we do so much more from debt advice to counselling, education and training to legal help. Package it all together with our access to tens of thousands of other charities and what you have is a programme of support specifically designed and delivered to help your people.

DONATIONS OF SAMPLES AND STOCK There are many ways that your business can help us, but donating surplus stock or samples is a quick and easy way to show your support. We can sell or auction those items to keep funds flowing. We have an eBay shop as well

as attending various fetes and fairs across our regions. We put the money raised to good use and it helps us to plan. That is critical for a charity as worries around the virus still act as a barrier to regular giving and events are still vulnerable to last minute cancellations. So, if you have some stock that you can donate, please get in touch –

2021 – COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS We are looking for a number of local community champions across the industries that we support. These people will be ambassadors at their workplace, making sure that colleagues know who we are and how we can help them. We’re not asking you to be caseworkers, just someone who can make sure that your workmates are aware of the help that we can give. If you can run the odd fundraising event for us too, then that would be amazing. We exist to help people, but to do that

efectively, people need to know that we are here for them and that all our help is confidential.

HELPING COULD LOOK LIKE: Putting up posters in staff areas

Making sure your HR team have our range of leaflets and small info cards

Keeping an ear open for colleagues who may be struggling and steer them towards us.

Be a conduit for colleagues that are unsure where to go for help – just point them at us!

Please encourage anyone with worries to get in touch – 0800 915 4627.

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