what’s new Lesser and Pavey Kilner®

Creating homemade yoghurt is easy with the Kilner® Yoghurt Making Set. Ready after 10 hours, this set is perfect for making delicious dairy and plant-based yoghurts. The set includes: a wide mouth jar, a thermometer, an insulating pouch, a separate jar for storage, two metal lids and a recipe book.

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Brand new from Lesser and Pavey are a stylish range of tableware featuring designs from the William Morris design Golden Lily and Poppyfield. This is a new addition to the highly popular William Morris range of fine ceramics produced by Lesser and Pavey. The full range that captures the original designs, class and quality of the artwork and presents these desirable illustrations in practical forms for the home. William Morris is renowned worldwide as a legendary British textile designer, poet and novelist, associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, and a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile art. This range with bold floral dominates the mix of colours that form the original William Morris design now captured on tableware which includes tea for one, butter dish, fine mugs, fine ceramics, melamine trays, lunch box and true environmentally friendly bamboo items and social stationery items.

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Samuel Groves are delighted to announce the launch of Britannia, an all-new hand-cast, Cast Iron Cookware range designed and manufactured in the heart of the Midlands. The essence of any Samuel Groves product is its environmental impact, and this range is no different, Britannia utilises Samuel Groves waste material from their Carbon Steel Bake and Cookware production lines, to produce Cast-Iron pans with a conscience. The range is:

Bokashi Organko 2

Ocean composter Made from Recycled Fishing Nets

The Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean composter is possibly the ultimate sustainable solution for zero-waste lifestyle and urban ecological gardening. With this kitchen composter, you can easily produce a first-class base for compost and fertilizer, or produce a natural detergent for your drains. The Red Dot Design winner is both stylish and practical, being dishwasher safe and sturdy carry handle. The Bokashi can be supplied with or without Organko Bran an enzyme rich nutrient which kick starts and accelerates the break down of household food waste. Bran refills are also available A super rich liquid fertiliser can be drawn off the composter within 3-four weeks and used to boost plant grown naturally. There are three models in the Bokashi Range suiting consumers from all walsk of life including the avid gardener, a busy household through to modern ecologists looking for the latest way to make the right environmental choices.

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• Built to last, Britannia pans hold a lifetime guarantee • An impressive 70% of each pan is made from recycled material • Pre-seasoned • It is free of Cadmium and Lead • PFOA and PTFE free • & essentially 100% recyclable

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Lesser and Pavey launch new additions to the highly successful range of stylish hand painted glassware featuring dragonflies, flowers, bumblebees, ladybirds and much more of nature. These are the newest additions to the Lynsey Johnstone range which continues to grow. Each item is beautifully gift packaged and will make a perfect gift.

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