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Ruth Cutter, the former Managing Director of ICTC, died suddenly on Tuesday 22nd June. The housewares industry has been both shocked and distraught at the news of Ruth’s passing and have kindly shared some of their memories with Housewares on the impact she had on their lives. Jak Rayner, founder of C’est Ca! and Directory of ICTC 2004 2009

Ruth came to ICTC in 2006 and she immediately showed her passion for cookware and table- top from when we joined her in the showroom for her interview. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she had a great eye for product. Ruth was tremendous fun and would always manage to make people laugh. She became my dear friend and we socialised a lot outside of work. She was a huge part of village life and shone very brightly in our small Company. Sadly for far too short a time.

Will Crisp. Creative Director of ICTC

Working with Ruth was an adventure, an intense learning experience and always an honour. Ruth at all times managed to deliver high level professionalism, product knowledge (what she didn’t know about saucepans isn’t worth knowing) and creativity, all with a huge amount of fun. I think everyone who knew her will be thinking about her infectious sprit, optimism, sense of humour & smile. Ruth has been instrumental in the development & delivery of some of the fin- est British made household textiles. Working with prestigious brands on demanding projects, she made the process seem effortless. However I know underneath she was working tirelessly to make sure she delivered her expert vision for the absolute best. She absolutely took the business of business seriously. Ruth always made it look easy, she managed to make sure that her colleagues and customers always had a good experience often carrying the pressure of complex work situations on her own, once committed to a project, a brand or a customer she would give her time, expertise & herself wholeheartedly. She was without question professionally & personally brave. Ruth was an impressive colleague but also a dear friend. Impossible to have worked closely with Ruth and not marvel at her skill or fall for her charms. Ruth will be missed terribly, the homewares industry has lost someone influential.

Ma’am Ruth Cutter by Geraldine Finnan

Ruth came to ICTC in August of 2006 as a Key Account Manager. I immediately thought how pretty she was and she had a very infectious laugh. We clicked straight away and I knew then that she would go far. Ruth moved up the ranks and ended up as the Managing Director. She did some amazing projects and her work was always to the highest standard. I have countless happy memories of trade shows, nights out and holidays. Everybody loved Ruth without question. She turned heads everywhere she went and never appreciated how beautiful, clever and funny she was.

Ruth still had so much to give and so much living to do. Taken away from us in such cruel circumstances. So many plans… Rest easy dear heart & I’ll see you on the dance floor obviously! #canisitdownnow

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Sarah Selzer Managing Director, PR Direct Limited This is such sad news - I saw your post earlier in the week and was a bit in shock I think. I only knew Ruth through seeing her at shows and in- dustry events really but she always came across as so totally on her game, authoritative and professional and a brilliant shining light for wom- en in business - and women in the housewares business in particular! Huge thanks to you Ruth for that. You will be really missed. My thoughts are with her family.

Veronica Davidson Housewares Category Manager at Swan Products Limited

I can sincerely say this sad news has taken my breath away. Ruth was always so full of life with such a sense of fun and the best outlook on life. My condolences to all those closest to her. She will be sadly missed near and far. Rest in peace gorgeous lady.

James Carter

Business Owner at Carters Housewares Sales Agency (UK Agent Vidrios San Miguel) It is the saddest of news and coming to terms with her sudden death is proving incredibly difficult for so many people. What is no surprise are the number of tributes dedicated to Ruth’s memory. Ruth’s enthusiasm for life was infectious and she has left such a huge impression on so many people. You laughed your loudest laugh and smiled your biggest smile when you were with Ruth. She just had that effect you on.

Will Jones Chief Operating Officer - British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) Chairman - Exclusively Shows Awful news and so very sad. Ruth was a one off.....I will always remember her creativity and sense of humour, she made a great contribution to the industry.

Paul Shelley Managing Director at Haus Marketing & Distribution Ltd I still can’t get my head around this and have been thinking about it daily since I heard about what happened! So many beautiful comments for a beautiful person. I shall miss your humour and your effectiveness at calling something for what it was. I think we have all smiled at that unique/ Cutter ability to state the obvious. My sincere and best wishes to her family and friends. July/August 2021

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