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A topic that many of us have become experts in over the past year – baking. When we bake, we experiment, not only with the equipment we use but the flavours, textures and aromas that are produced with every lovingly prepared treat.


mile Henry, the homemade bread specialist. You actually don’t have to be an expert to master the art of

bread, that’s what each Emile Henry bread baker is for. The comfort blanket when baking, those thoughts that run through our heads before our dough ball is put in the oven, hoping you’ve set the right temperature to avoid too deep a colour. The most intelligent thing about Emile Henry bakers is they recreate the same conditions found in a traditional bread oven, providing just the right temperature to the dough to ensure every homemade loaf is baked to perfection. Golden, crispy crusts and soft, delicate centres every time. The principle of bread baking is simple – the dough is made up of half flour and half water which evaporates during cooking, turning it into steam. The moisture should fall back onto the dough and turn to steam again. This process creates light, airy bread with a perfect crunchy crust. Hence the reason for a lid on almost all Emile Henry bakers, a crucial way of ensuring the perfect rise and texture. Since 1850, Emile Henry have been manufacturing ceramic cookware that enables you to prepare the most delicious dishes with ease. For 170 years, they have been supporting the pleasures of the palate and the joy of sharing great tasting food. Made in France,

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they have always been committed to French craftsmanship, remaining true to their historic location deep in the heart of Burgundy. Emile Henry know that in order to please and

satisfy, each product must be of the highest quality. In their laboratory, their engineers work on the thermal and mechanical shock resistance of each ceramic piece. Durability, quality, and the nobility of natural, raw materials lie at the very heart of their brand.

One of the most unique features about Emile Henry is the colour of each piece. Their palette is rooted in their history, with its gastronomy and famous wines, in their passion for ceramics, but also in the pleasures of shared meals, flavours and places. Bakeware is the most popular Emile Henry category. The pleasure of kneading, shaping, and baking bread has never been more desirable whether every day, as an occasional treat to unwind, becoming an artisan baker at home can be a very rewarding and enjoyable activity. Using ordinary flour or a mix from different origins – each bread baker is ideal for making authentic, golden loaves with varying textures and tastes, with an authentically and lovingly shaped result, become a partner of Emile Henry and show your customers that you both know what makes a great loaf!

July/August 2021

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