exclusively preview Exclusively Preview: Trade Shows are Back

Those attending Exclusively talk to Housewares on what they are looking forward to at the first trade show of the year.


estrictions have eased, masks are optional, and a sense of normality is slowly creeping

back. The Housewares networking calendar kicks off with Exclusively at the Business Design Centre in London on 24-25 August. Many of us have eagerly anticipated trade shows and being able to network face-to-face with those we have been talking to via email over the past few months. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase new products, meet new people in the industry and discuss sales in a social environment. While the likes of Zoom and picking up the phone

has taken over the way we have been dealing with business, it makes a refreshing change for everyone to meet under one roof and do what we all know and love. This show preview looks at what suppliers and those attending are expecting, what they are most looking forward to and how they have dealt with the pandemic in the meantime. With the countdown on, there isn’t long to go before the industry has an ample opportunity to discuss, bargain, and display the best of what the industry has to offer.

Lee McDonagh, Managing Director at Samuel Groves

biodegradable hessian bags, and bakeware is transitioning to paper. In addition, we have also partnered with Climate care to offset our carbon emissions. We mention our product also needs to

perform. We were delighted to be chosen as the partner to the amazing Michelin star chef, Tom Kerridge, who could ask for a better endorsement? We are pleased to say he was the first, but he is now one of many professional chefs that have reached out, to use our pans. Finally, being endorsed as the “the new King of pans” by was a fantastic validation too. One of our most appealing offerings is the


he last 18 months like so many suppliers in housewares, has seen a huge change for Samuel Groves. The most significant, we have gained many new listings with suppliers seeking quality products made in England resulting in the retail side of our business growing substantially. Much of this business has been done via Zoom and Teams, it’s a very different world of quick intense meetings, but we have come through it stronger. We have found it is not only the “Buy British

made” that is appealing to the consumer / retailer, we believe it’s our full package, that persuade the consumer / retailer to choose Samuel Groves. Our products are sort out by consumers who are looking for products that perform and that are designed to last, from manufacturers who care for the environment. For example, our cookware is packed in

10 |

Pan for life refurbishment service. As a British manufacturer, the logistics allow us to refurbish worn non-sticks and polish pans to bring them back to life – meaning you have a true pan for life.

Not only do we manufacture our core ranges for the retail market, but we also design and manufacture bespoke ranges. Like our well- known joint venture with Tom Kerridge, the partners, really appreciate the fact that they can visit the factory and discuss their requirements and even see their pans being made. We have a proven track record in developing products quickly, and UK manufacture can cut down the lead times for a product ready to market. But like so many over the last 18 months are doors have been closed, we’ve been mainly in our own bubble, beavering away, keeping staff as safe as possible so that we can fulfil orders. Behind closed doors, with little interaction with customers, we have continued to develop new

products, and can’t wait to get face to face contact with our customers to discuss our current ranges and new developments. Most importantly we are looking to gain some first- hand reaction to Britannia, our new Cast Iron range. We believe the only cast iron range to be made in the UK and is made with 70% recycled carbon steel from our bake cookware lines, the resulting range is heavy duty, battleship build pans suitable for back to basics cooking or a professional chef. Face to face contact is invaluable at trade shows or at our manufacturing site in the midlands, we can be handling and explore products together. There is nothing better than musing over product features and tweaking them to make them more appealing – something that is very hard over zoom. We are looking forward to and receiving genuine hands-on product feedback. Roll on Exclusively!

July/August 2021

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