exclusively preview - BHETA

predominantly made with sustainable and/or recycled materials, only introducing plastic elements when necessary. The third trend to be

previewed is Togetherness, which will manifest in spring / summer 2022. Upbeat and positive, joyful, colourful and vintage, it is all about sharing, collaboration and putting people first, a multicultural outdoors them with flavours of Africa and the Caribbean. Products highlighted by Scarlet Opus include the Swan - Retro Bubblegum and Peach ice cream.

or serving on any heat source. The polished cooking surface is sealed with organic flaxseed for a natural non – stick performance. The octagonal shape is designed to offer multiple pouring spouts, sauces and juices can be delivered to the plate with utmost accuracy.’ The second trend is, Reset, which accepts sustainability not as a trend but as ‘the norm’. This is about the circular economy and designing out waste. It will see blues and greens with muted patterns reminiscent of foliage, herb, fruit and vegetables.

Highlighted products under this trend include:

Haden - Dorchester Sage Green Collection Kettle The Dorchester Kettle features an LCD display and digital temperature controls allowing you to reach the perfect temperature for your favourite hot beverage at a touch of a button. You can even keep the water at your desired temperature thanks to the keep warm function. The water temperature can be set between 40 to 100 degrees, which gives you options for brewing various types of tea or pour-over coffee.

Culinare Bamboo Utensil set For the Culinare Naturals collection, the use of plastic has been kept to an absolute minimum. Where possible, those parts usually made of plastic are made of bamboo, one of the world’s most sustainable materials with an incredible strength. Even better, and especially relevant for use in the kitchen, bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. As for the product packaging, this has been

July/August 2021

First established in 1931, we wanted to hold our brand name up high with a range that ensures long-lasting colour, cutting edge finish and character - and plenty of it.

Auteur – Corkcircle Canteen Insulated is Corkcicle’s thing. Corkcicle create products that enhance personal style but reduce impact on the planet. Canteens, Tumblers, Stemless Wine Glasses, Mugs and • | 13

Consistency is key when it comes to the Retro range. It’s

been designed to help our community get back with the times while living in the modern world, to revisit the days of dresses and suits. We understand nostalgia is something that will never grow old. As our fashions and tatstes might change year by year, our familiarity with the past remains the same.

Barware – Innovative, Iconic, Insulated – Corkcicle keep things super cool. In addition to trends, this year’s show will

also feature a wider range of product than ever before.

Just taking the Launchpad – a new

feature at the live show dedicated to smaller companies and start-ups – there are a whole host of consumables on show alongside general merchandise, making Exclusively a perfect opportunity to explore the potential of baking kits, speciality teas, exotic spice blends, gorgeous cheeses, home curing kits and foodie hampers alongside the related housewares items. In fact, one of the great things about

Exclusively is the level playing field it offers to all companies – large, small and new to the market – ensuring that buyers see the leading brands, the major launches and many items that they will not have seen anywhere else. Among the exhibitors and brands on show,

there will be the biggest and most established names in the industry – companies such as Rayware, Denby and DRH. With equal space, presence and opportunity are new exhibitors like Katie Alice, Pure Tableware and Lazarro. It is the perfect opportunity for buyers, journalists and influencers to find everything they need, including ideas that are that little bit different, and unlikely to have been seen elsewhere.

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