product to its popular Classic range, Chocolate Less Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has added a new

Sugar.With approximately 70 calories less than the award-winning manufacturer’s Classic Creem Choc product, this latest drink keeps pace with market demand, containing a reduction of added sugar,

Sales director for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Chocolate that Barry Callebaut is renowned for. without compromising the rich quality Hot

Chocolate Less Sugar drink, we’re essentially Tracy Southwell comments: “With the Classic

providing choice without necessarily having to compromise on taste. This product in particular

meets the CQUIN* guidelines for added sugar content at no more than 5g per 100ml serving and complements our continued development of reduced sugar beverages.”

Forever Chocolate Program:

regarding our sustainability program please vis what Forever Chocolate is all about! For more i


We all love chocolate and we want it to be around forever. But to do that, sustainable chocolate should become the norm. That's nformation it:

ttps:// our-plan-make-sustainable-chocolate-nor m

Other names in the Barry Callebaut Beverages product range include:

Van Houten – A historical pedigree spanning 190 years of cocoa beverage, Van Houten is all about great chocolate drinks for any moment of the day.When you are choosing Van Houten, you are choosing: Quality - Authenticity - Indulgence - Good conscience. All Van Houten products are 100% UTZ certified.

Caprimo – Offffers a complete range of hot beverages for every taste and occasion and is the preferred brand for instant cappuccino on

the European market – always hard to resist! Le Royal – Traditional products that have

vending in particular, with a loyal custom

rther information on Barry Callebaut Group and Beverages Range please call 01244 370500 or visit:

For furt * htt ttps:// //w / t/uploads/2018/05/s wellbeing-cquin-2017-19-implementation-support.pdf

/2 rt


er base that count on high functionality for

the reliability and consistency of this popular range.

Initiative to helpMiddle East children lead healthier lives Children are being encouraged to “A

“Adopt a Fruit, Adopt a Vegetable” at flagship Carrefour

locations across the United Arab Emirates. The campaign is being conducted in partnership with the Nestlé for Healthier Kids initiative which aims to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.

Mascots representing difffferent fruits and vegetables will be touring 12 Carrefour stores in the seven Emirates over difffferent weekends, helping bring to life various characters created out of fruits and vegetables with names and key benefits of each presented in a fun and appealing manner.

Parents will be offffered one stamp for each fruit or vegetable their children try, which they can then redeem each three collected for a placemat that helps educate kids on healthy eating habits.

“At Carrefour we understand our customers’ purchasing habits and preferences.We already know that our UAE customers are becoming more health conscious and the success of our related offffering like our Healthy Kitchen concept has supported this. However, we still have a long way to go to embed healthy snacking habits among all residents and, as research tells us a positive mind set towards healthy eating starts in childhood. That’s why we are delighted to partner with Nestle in this important initiative by providing a space for our nation’s children to explore fruit and

vegetables in a way that is a fun and rewarding

experience for them,” said HaniWeiss, CEO of Majid

Al Futtaim Retail that operates Carrefour in 15 markets in the region. “Evidence from our various research indicates that children will adopt healthier eating habits if educated about nutritious food options and inspired how to choose for themselves,” said Yv Manghardt, chairman and CEO at Nestlé Middle East.


According to theWorld Obesity Federation, child obesity will continue to rise in the UAE, affffecting 14.62 per cent of its '20 years and under' population by 2020 | 5

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