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Upstreamlaunches natural flavoured water

the ‘grab and go’ market. Boasting zero sugar,

A new premium flavoured sparkling water is set to launch in r, natural

provide a healthier, great-tasting alternative to sugary flavourings and only 3 calories per can, Upstream will

The lightly sparkling water has launched with three carbonated drinks and fruit smoothies.

no preservatives, added sugar or artificial colours and come in Pomegranate and Cucumber & Mint, all of which will contain refreshing flavours: Grapefruit & Bergamot, Lime &

a 330ml easy-to-recycle aluminium can format.

With the introduction of sugar tax last year, Upstream will sit in the emerging new subcategory of zero sugar premium flavoured waters, with adventurous flavour combinations providing the consumer with exciting options.

The name and design of Upstream embodies the brands promise that the drink will offffer a moment to refresh, step back and appreciate the positive things in life.

EdWoolner from Upstream, said: “We wanted to create a zero sugar, low calorie flavoured water that didn’t compromise on quality and offffered a daily dose of refreshment.

“There are so many health-conscious consumers out there

opportunity for retailers to tap into the zero sug on the search for something difffferent, presentin calorie trend to drive sales.” 07545444388


ar and low- g an

Three short story vending CanaryWharf in what’s

described as a first for the UK, by French company Short Édition. The machines will dispense free, one, three and five-minute stories and are expected to help commuters pass the time on their journeys.

The short stories are free to passersby at the touch of a

locations across France, Hong versions of the machines at button. There are already

Kong and the US, where

Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola was said to be such a fan he invested in the company and had a dispenser installed at his San Francisco restaurant, Cafe Zoetrope.

The stories will cover genres from sci-fi to romance and children’s fiction and include authors including Charles Dickens, VirginiaWoolf and Lewis Carroll.

The initiative launched with a specially commissioned one- minute tale from bestselling novelist Anthony Horowitz.

Short story vendingmachines entertain commuters machines have been installed at


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Cashless payment solution short Nayax, the cashless payment service provider,

rtlisted for Vending Star award Operation of VendingMachine” category for its contactless reader,Onyx, at the euvend & coff

r, has been nominated for a 2019 Vending Star award in the “AuxiliaryMaterial for the ffeena exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

The cashless payment card reader enables contactless payments, and with the use of Nayax’s management suite and telemetry tools, delivers consumer engagement to operators.

Following this selection by euvend & coffffeena’s jury panel,Onyx will be on display in Hall 9 of the Cologne Exhibition Center, in the Vending Star Area. Visitors to euvend will also be able to see Onyx on

Onyx has a sleek, compact, eye-catching design Nayax’s stand, B031.

automated machine.

Yair Nechmad, CEO of Nayax, said: “Nayax is honoured and proud to have Onyx, our EMV-certified contactless payment reader, nominated for this year’s Vending Star award at euvend & coffffeena.Onyx has generated a lot of excitement amongst operators due to its design and capabilities – being recognised for this achievement is gratifying.”

It accepts a wide range of payments, including contactless smart cards, NFC and mobile payment apps, standard and dynamic QR codes, includingWeChat Pay and Alipay and prepaid cards. With the trend towards cashless transactions,Onyx benefits vending operators by increasing revenue and productivity. Ya

10 | m and color touchscreen and fits on any unattended,

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