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acquired 96%of Sempa Sarl, a company incorporated in France rvice equipment group, has

Photo-Me acquires Sempa Photo-Me (PHTM.L), the instant-serv

which specialises in commercialised self-serv rvice fresh fruit juice

receives full payment upon sale of the equipment and the lease equipment to customers via lease finance agreements. Sempa Sempa operates via a lease model, whereby Sempa sells equipment.

finance contracts are then subject to renewal every 12-months on average. Sempa’s customers include retail, office and work spaces, and small businesses.

Following the acquisition, the group will leverage Photo-Me’s innovation expertise and Sempa’s industry experience to develop innovative self-service fresh fruit juice equipment. This acquisition is in line with Photo-Me’s strategy to diversify its vending operations and will develop a new segment alongside its Identification, Laundry and Kiosk businesses. Photo-Me intends to become the global leader in self-service fresh fruit juice machines and, with this acquisition, will pursue a

France, initially rolling out the equipment acro strategy to replicate the success Sempa has al


Photo-Me will further benefit from the cross-sale of its instant- service offffering by introducing photobooths, laundry units and kiosks to the retail sites where Sempa has already established a footprint.

The new estate will be supported by the group’s existing

ss its European ready seen in

ry Updates

network of regional field engineers as well as its sales team at a low incremental cost to the Group.

This acquisition is expected to be earnings enhancing in the

financial y expected

business i Photo-Me

to contribute revenue of more than €10 million and ear ending April 30, 2020 and thereaftfter and is

approximately €3.7 million profit before tax. Pascal Faucher, CEO of Sempa will remain with the acquired

.Mr Faucher will receive three million share options in n order to drive the growth of this new segment of

Photo-Me over a period of three years. These will be issued at the current market price prevailing at the time and, to the extent necessary, the Company will seek shareholder approval for this grant.

Commenting on the acquisition, Serge Crasnianski, chief executive offfficer and deputy chairman of Photo-Me, said: “We are excited to announce this acquisition which will mark Photo- Me’s entry into the $154 billion fresh fruit and vegetable juice market. The growing importance people place on their health and wellbeing makes it an exciting time to enter this market, with the health benefits of juice driving its popularity and potential.

“We have the opportunity to become a leader in this industry based on our existing commercial relationships and expertise in instant vending equipment innovation. Sempa has been highly successful in the French market and we look forward to replicating this initially across our network in Europe. The acquisition represents part of our ongoing strategy to develop new and complementary products to drive the long-term growth of Photo-Me.”

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